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Discussion in 'iPod' started by Proto Media, Nov 2, 2006.

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    ok this is a thought that I had about the upcoming iPhone and how it would incorporate itself into the ipod "ecosystem". on top of all the functions that people have already mentioned they want in the phone (ical, itunes, safari, mobile QT) and all that, I thought of a couple cool ones.

    First off, this is all about the 6G widescreen ipod. You have it mounted in your car somewhere, and it has bluetooth. By incorporating with the iPhone, your ipod is now a GPS, displaying directions based off GPS cordinates from your iPhone. all the map data is stored on the hard drive of your ipod. (cmon, the whole US map can be stored on a 4.7GB disk, ipod should be no problem.)

    now heres the cool part, when an incoming call is recieved by your iPhone, a alert comes up on your ipod, asking if you would like to take the call personally, or make it a conference call. If you select personal, you can either pick up your phone, or talk through a bluetooth headset.

    if you choose conference, the mic on your iPhone gets switched to some sort of "ultra sensitive" mode, where it can pick up sound through the whole car, and your ipod, using bluetooth, routes the sound through your car speakers, and of course, pauses the currently playing itunes track.

    maybe also have an option to record the conversation to your ipod?

    also, I just thought of this, but maybe have a field in ical for an address, and when you need to go somwhere, once you get into the car, if there is an address on a day that matches the current date, your ipod automatically maps that out on your GPS, so say when your running a bunch or errands, it will route a map most efficiently guiding you between all your destinations.

    also your iPhone would record in the meta data the GPS cordinates of photos that you take using your iphone. I don't know what kind of advantage this has to anything, but Im sure some creative person out there can find something.

    maybe your driving by a restaurant that looks cool, you snap a pic of it, then when you get home you can find out exactly where it is, or make reservations, or whatever. I guess the point is that pics are no longer just for viewing, but for all those visual people that cant remember street signs worth a damn (like me) but can always remember that there was a red umbrella in front of it, or a big yellow sing to the left. it will make it easier for people like me to find places quicker.

    and thats what the mac is all about right, making things easier. feel free to add whatever to my idea, or tear it apat and tell me why it won't work. alright guys, thats my idea for the day now let me finish my damn coffee. peace.

    - Ryan

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