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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by 262Runnr, Mar 11, 2009.

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    So I have an iPHone and iPod shuffle and am pretty new to using iTunes.
    I'm reinstalling my OS and basically will have a new computer when I'm done.
    Is there any way to save the songs and playlists that I put on my iPhone and iPod shuffle?

    I did a test run and sync'd my shuffle to a new machine and it erased everything but fortunately I re-sync'd it back on my present machine so I still have everything.
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    You can save the iTunes folder in your home folder/music folder. That has all your music and a data file that should have (if I remember right) all your playlist data. Save it to a DVD/flash drive if it's not too large and you can drag and drop it to the same spot after you reinstall.

    When you sync an iPod, by default it makes a mirror image of your library to the device. If you delete a song from your library (any or all), it will then remove those songs the next time you sync. Only things you can transfer from an iPod to a computer are purchased items from the iTunes/App store.

    Only way to avoid that is if you initially set the device to Manually Manage Music, in which you have to drag/drop music from the library to the iPod plugged in, and will allow you to add individual media files from iTunes and possibly from other libraries as well. Though once again, if you sync it to a computer without the same songs, it will then remove them from the iPod.

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