ipod is bigger than my ibook hard drive space

Discussion in 'iPod' started by moot, Apr 16, 2005.

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    After holding out from buying an iPod for ages, I finally succumbed and got myself an iPod shuffle. I absolutely love it and am fully converted to iPods. So much so, that I now want a bigger iPod for the rest of my music.

    The only problem is that I have an iBook with only 5GB of available space. I currently dont have a lot of music in my iTunes libary. I only keep my favorites for use with the shuffle. At home I use CDs and my stereo to listen to music(I know, I'm a little strange! ;))

    However, for my new iPod I will have to import my CDs into iTunes. But my iBook has only that 5GB of space. With my ipod shuffle, if I delete a song from my iTunes library, that song is automatically deleted from my shuffle.

    Will the same happen with the iPod mini and the iPod Photo? I dont really want to fill my iBook permentally with all my music but I want it to be on my iPod. But if I delete it from my iTunes library will it automatically be deleted from my iPod?

    sorry for asking this, but I am a little stupid about iPods :eek:
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    Well, after syncing up once with all your music, turn off automatic syncing, and then it shouldn't erase songs off the iPod when you remove them from your iTunes library. You'll have to manually drag over any new songs, I would suggest creating a Smart Playlist for "songs added to library after (insert last sync date here)".

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