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Discussion in 'iPod' started by phillipjfry, Dec 27, 2006.

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    ...Ok maybe I overreacted. Not really massive confusion, just questions.
    I haven't owned an ipod or used itunes yet (stop looking at me like that!), but before I do, I want to make sure I know what I'm doing before I decide if it's worth the hassle.

    1) First off, why do we have to "authorize" and "deauthorize"? I know I get up to five computers to authorize my ipod on, does that mean that music I purchase from itunes is now "authorized" to play on only 5 other computers that i authorize?

    2) What if I put music from a ripped cd, and mix it with some music from itunes and put it on the ipod, does that mean that every song on the ipod will only play on the 5 computer authorized?

    3) If i get tv shows from itunes, do I actually get the file stored on my computer? or is it just streamed from itunes store? Basically do i get a chance to backup those files to a backup drive/optical media?

    4) Do i have to have itunes installed on every computer i plan on playing music on using music from the ipod? Example being, if i have some good tracks on an ipod, can i take it to my cousin's house and plug it into his comp and let him listen to it as well?

    5) I just installed itunes for the first time on my PC (i'm almost saved up for that shiny new imac), and i see my little brother's itunes shared library, it's neat i can play music from his library but didn't find a copy of it on my hard drive so I can only assume its streaming from his computer. Or can you copy a song from his library and put it into yours? I ask because I can right click on the song and click Copy, but it does not have a "paste" option when clicking in my library.

    ....I think that's about all I can think of that I haven't found answers for. Thanks :)
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    1) It's part of Apple's DRM. Music you buy from iTunes can only be played on 'authorized' computers (i.e. only 5 computers). If you are getting rid of a computer you can 'de-authorize' it to free up space for another computer.
    For the record, since the iPod syncs with a computer, you're authorizing the computer, not the iPod. You can play music on as many ipods as you wish.

    2) Authorizing and de-authorizing only effects songs bought from iTunes.

    3) You actually get the TV episode on your Hard Drive, and may keep it forever, backing up as often as you please.

    4) Yes, you'll need iTunes to play music from an iPod, and for any protected music (i.e. music bought from iTunes), you'll need to authorize that computer.

    5) Yes, you are streaming music over your network. You may not copy the music to your computer.
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    Oct 17, 2006
    yes it means only 5 because the point is to try and prevent massive illegal file sharing, while still allowing you to move music around. acceptable compromise.

    I have absolutely no clue what you intend to mean by this question or what the ripped music has anything to do with whatever you are asking.

    it's your file brother, enjoy. This is not Rhapsody.

    Again, your question is a bit confusing. If you want want your cousin to be able to listen to the music and are using his comp as a means to play the music you could just plug the ipod into the speakers and skip this issue. If you have iTunes you can just bring the comp and distribute the music (listen only) over the network.

    No you can only listen. There is no music pasting. Good luck, enjoy and get the iMac

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