iPod mini 1G vs 2G battery & www.ipodfixit.com

Discussion in 'iPod' started by mrgreen4242, Aug 18, 2005.

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    Feb 10, 2004
    First, anyone ever use the services from ipodfixit.com? They offer mini battery replacement service for $38 shipping inc., which is much less than most other places ($25 for the battery + ~40 for the labor). They use a 600mAH battery, which is what I see for sale everywhere with the replacement batteries.
    *EDIT* Read over at iLounge that they did indeed changet the electronics in the 2G mini to a more efficient design. SO ignore the below. :)
    I've read that the 1G mini's had a 400mAH battery which were rated for 8 hours (but often less), where the 2G are rated for 18 hours (but often more). The specs for the two generations seem to be the same (same CPU, etc) according to everymac.com, so what is it in the 2Gs that gives them such good battery life? To get 18+ hours, looking at the 1G specs, you'd need something in the 800-1000 mAH but the largest I see available aftermarket is 600-650mAH.

    Was this improvement in battery life for the 2Gs just from a bigger battery, or was there improvements to the hardware as well? Firmware updates perhaps? I noticed that my wifes 1G 10gb iPod got better battery life after a firmware update, has anyone with a 1G mini updated it and had better results?

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