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May 2, 2005
Wheaton/Normal, IL
I tried to check out the site, but it appears as though it's not actually even a site yet, it's just a domain up for sale. Sounds like the site would be illegal though. Also sounds like a scam. So no, I would say just don't use it. Put up a real link and then we'll have the final word.



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May 31, 2006
yeah i checked the site too and it doesn't exist. stay away.

i believe iTunes to be the best value for it's convenience and the peace of mind in knowing it'll work.


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Nov 5, 2006
myipoddownloads.com IS A SCAM

Do not pay $40 to myipoddownloads.com. I tried it, paid the $40, and was directed to a website that you can download for free. Within minutes, I sent myipoddownloads.com an email to request a refund and explained that I already had access to the website they directed me to. I have even contacted their billing service, "clickbank.com."

Want more proof of their scam? "myipoddownloads.com" advertises that they have 24/7 customer service support. If they do, why haven't I received a response to the numerous emails I've sent for over a week now? Emails have been sent out to clickbank.com as well and still, no response.

Still need proof of the "myipoddownloads.com" scam? When attempting to log onto their "members area" of their site, the log in page does not link anywhere. There is no contact phone number.

Final evidence that "myipoddownloads.com" is a scam. I emailed them with the question, "Can I download music videos?" and sent it using a different email address and on a different computer. They don't respond to their emails.

Here is some good advice. Make sure you check "bbb.com" (Better Business Bureau) and run the company report. Do a Google.com search and include the word "scam" to the company you are researching. Make sure there is a valid contact phone number AND email address. I failed to do this before making my purchase. From now on, I will be conducting extensive research before making a purchase from these companies.


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Nov 16, 2005
in the southeast
no amount of gloss can legitimize that site! it's full of typos/ it's not even sure if its site is called "ipoddownloadz.co" or "myipoddownloads.com". it has scam written all over it. plus, i noticed that the few working links seem to direct you to the payment page. *sigh* STAY AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE!!!