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Discussion in 'iPod' started by stu3ufc, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. stu3ufc, Nov 21, 2013
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    stu3ufc macrumors member

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    I have a 4th Gen Ipod Nano I have used it regularly since 2009.

    Recently the battery went dead and wouldn't charge. I sent it to a repair shop to change the battery. I got the Ipod back and it worked but after the initial charge the battery went dead again. I sent it back to the same repair shop and now they email me that there is a "charging problem on the mainboard which can't be fixed" and they are returning my ipod nano.

    Now I'm down £30 plus £4 sending the thing. I just wanna know what rights I have for a refund on this repair work. I paid £30 via paypal to fix the battery and they haven't done that in my opinion. I have emailed them to see what they say.

    Whats my rights here? Thanks guys
  2. stu3ufc thread starter macrumors member

    Mar 28, 2008
    emailed who?

    I really hope i can get refunded for this £30 ....this guy just said it was a main board problem and sent my ipod back. Now i have an ipod that doesnt work and im £30 out of pocket and he hasnt responded to my emails since.

    I hope paypal does the right thing here. £30 is a lot to me at the moment and this money should be going to a replacement.

    totally unprofessional from this guy
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    You asked them to replace the battery, they replaced the battery. They supplied the parts, did the work.

    If, at the beginning, instead of saying "the battery's not charging," or "replace the battery," you said, "It doesn't work, please fix it?" They'd have done the work of finding out what's wrong, and told you that it couldn't be fixed. You'd still owe them for figuring out that it can't be fixed.

    Either way, they're charging you for the work they did. Considering they're not charging you for sending it back to them again, they did the ethical thing - they didn't charge for that second repair attempt.

    Sometimes stuff can't be fixed. That's not the repairman's fault.
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    Jun 11, 2011
    The right thing is paying the repair person for the time to fix it. They still spent the time on it. Also when you do this sort of thing there is no guarantees. I recommend take a look at refurbished iPod nanos. I believe they are $99 for 16gb.
  5. stu3ufc, Nov 29, 2013
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    Mar 28, 2008
    They didnt fix it though!

    They didnt even ask me? the battery is ****ing useless to me inside an ipod that doesnt work. the fair thing this person could have done was take the battery out and send it back then refund me.

    yeah sure they took a look at it. but its hardly fair to not even bother answering emails to even advise me on what to do

    this guy just sent me it back. He can have his battery back im sorry for wasting 15 minutes of his time looking at it! the ipod did work the first time then broke...so yeah im within my consumer rights here. .


    Why should i pay a second time for their dud battery that worked and then didnt. only the second time he looked at it he goes it's the motherboard and it cant be fixed

    the least the repair guy can do is email me back and advise me on my rights instead of ignoring me out right.

    thats not the case at all. i knew the battery needed replacing. i went to his website and bought "ipod nano 4the gen battery replacement" i didnt send him like a noob begging for it to be fixed.
  6. EvilTrovis macrumors newbie

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    I used to repair iPods and people like you are the reason I stopped.

    If the guy advertised a service that said he'll "replace your battery", or if you contacted him and asked him to "replace your battery" then that is all (and I mean ALL) that he is responsible for. It is 100% completely outside of his responsibility to run tests on the iPod for other faults (and if he was to do that, he would charge you more in the first place).

    Just because changing your battery did not solve your problem does not mean that it's his fault. He did everything he was to do, installed the part he needed to install, and sent it back as required. Just because it doesn't work does not mean he owes you anything (either money or additional services). And he shouldn't just "take his battery back". For one, it's no longer a new battery, and he can't legally advertise his service as installing a "new" battery if they're not. Secondly, especially now that your iPod has been opened, how can he ensure that you didn't swap the battery out on your end and are trying to cheat him? Trust me, people try it.

    I've seen people find old iPods in a drawer and get the battery replaced in them because they thought that would get them working. They get it back only to find a sad iPod and a clicking noise. Turns out they need a new hard drive too. Is that the battery installer's fault? No, because nowhere does he say he'll perform a complete refurbishment, or even diagnose, your iPod; he just installs a battery and moves on. Same scenario here - just swap out "hard drive" with "mainboard".
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    Jan 22, 2013

    You know I'm struggling with getting out of the repair industry due to stuff like this to and thats sad it just never enough when repairing peoples equipment especially apple but thats where the money is so what do u do?Now on the the OP!Ok you said that the iPod worked fine with the initial charge?Ok now most batteries come fully or at least partially charged ,the battery on the 4th gen nano must be soldered on (just did one this week) and for the iPod to run under its own power means that the work was done right and the battery is connected to the motherboard like it is supposed to be.You want to find out your RIGHTS? The job wasn't done in your OPINION? You sent it back and he figured out the real problem pay him to fix it or deal with it.....Now about opinions
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