iPod Nano 6th gen Questions!!!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by tonicalvo, Jan 9, 2011.

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    hi,i ve purchased an iPod nano 6gen for my gf and i have some questions about it!

    1)it comes with no charger(only with a usb charger).is the ipad charger suitable for ipod nano 6g or does she have to buy a new one?

    2)is iphone 4 charger suitable for nano 6g or not!i m asking this cause many said that iphone s 4 charger is not suitable for ipad!

    3)nano 6g only goes to sleep but never off?hwo can she turns it off?

    4)does anyone has to suggest any nice nano watch?

    5)does nano 6g plays any video or not?i think not...

    6)she charged it for first time for about 10 hours.second charge has to be a full cycle charge when?when it drains totally off or has a lil of battery?
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    What a nice gift!

    No, the USB charger will charge her iPod just fine.

    Yes. The iPad requires more power than the iPhone or iPods which is why it needs it's own charger.

    Sleep mode in iPods uses such little power it basically is off. I don't think there is a way to turn the iPod off, only force restart it and put it to sleep. Consult the user manual.

    It does not. The sixth generation iPod nano removed the majority of features from the nano line. I prefer the fifth generation to the touch screen nano as I don't want to have to pull the nano out of my pocket to switch songs and the headphones I have (that are significantly better than the crappy iPod headphones) don't have a remote installed.

    That doesn't matter too much you don't need to worry about the charge cycles. Just charge it whenever you want to. I normally wait until my nano is in the red, because the battery lasts so long it rarely dies so I'm never without music.
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    You could have answered many of your questions yourself with a little Google or MRoogle action.

    In any case, here are some answers.

    1. The iPad charger will work for the nano.
    2. The iPhone 4 charger will work for the nano as well. The iPad charger will actually handle all three devices. (However, the iPhone 4 charger does not deliver enough current for the iPad, but that has nothing to do with your nano.)
    3. This is correct; the nano only sleeps or "deep sleeps"; it uses so little power during sleeping that you won't care.
    4. Sorry, I don't have any suggestions on nano watch bands. You'll have to Google for some reviews.
    5. At this point, no. The 6g does not play video, which is a major step down from the 5th gen.
    6. There is a battery indicator on the nano's screen. You can use it as a sign to tell you it needs a charge. The Apple web site for the nano gives estimates on how long a fully-charged nano will play before needing a recharge. I think it's about 24 hours, but I could be wrong, and the more the screen is used, the less time the charge will last.

    EDIT: Looks like TuffLuffJimmy beat me to the punch.
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    minor correction, the iPod can be turned off, but not manually.


    And the iPod nano will not play videos, but it will play the audio of a video. So if you subscribe to a video podcast, you don't have to worry about downloading an Audio only version, you can upload the video version to your iPod, and then just press play from the iPod for just audio (the same goes for music videos)
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    the iPhone 4 charger will charge the ipad but at a slower rate, a full charge can be obtained from the iphone 4 charger - if i have to use it i let it charge overnight
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    iPod Nano 6th gen Questions

    As to the watch(band) question, I researched several, but chose the Hex Original band which completely encases the 6th gen nano, while allowing acess to all buttons and incorporates a port cover (attached) to protect the earbud port. They are available in several colors and are $24.95 on Amazon. The only downside is that the dock connector is also covered which means you must remove nano from band to charge and sync. It is, while securely held, so easy to purposely remove and insert that it simply isn't an issue. I charge and sync every evening. This is the ONLY band I was able to find that encloses completely for protection, yet allows easy insertion and removal. Tough silicone too...there is even a video with sisscors involved showing how tough! I love mine! Link. http://www.amazon.com/HEX-HX1001-BL...&qid=1340840546&sr=8-1&keywords=hex+watchband

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