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    So I just brought home the new 6th Gen Nano.

    I have to say it is very impressive.


    This is what is most impressive about the new Nano. The body is incredibly small, only a little bigger than the screen but it is still easy to use and, for the most part, comfortable to hold.

    The aluminum is covered in glossy paint and the paint quality is nice, about the same at the 5th Gen. There are a few minor problems with the paint though. One of these being that it feels almost like plastic in your hand. Due to this, it can feel a little cheap and non-durable. I preferred the matte finish of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Gen Nano’s. But hey, who’s going to beat up there iPod ;). Another minor flaw is that if you’re fingers are sweaty it can feel slippery and sticky in your hand. This is a common problem for me.

    The buttons are nicely made and you get good feedback when clicking on them. Another new feature on the Nano is the clip. This is very useful but you need to get used to having it clipped on to you. I feel like it is going to fall off even though it won’t. I did find the clip a bit tough to pull up and have not yet found an easy way to fasten it onto my clothes yet. The headphone and dock connector are the same as usual and I find the position of the headphone jack fine, especially because you can rotate the screen.

    The screen and software:

    With such a small screen it’s hard to imagine how this iPod could be used easily. But after a bit of use, I find it easy and comfortable to use. The screen has a nice resolution and the same clarity that you would expect from any iPod screen.

    I find the touch screen easy to navigate and I believe it is on par with the iPod touch. It is easy to see what is on screen and even my 84-year-old grandfather could read it (with his glasses of course). I like how you just swipe to the right to navigate back.

    I think the software is good also. It’s just like iOS and I don’t really have much to say about it. It works well and I am happy with it. I will, however, bring up the three interesting “apps” that they included. One of them is a pedometer. Which is useful especially with the clip. It works well and seems to be pretty accurate. The second “app” is the clock. It is basically an onscreen analog clock. Someone needs to make a watchband accessory for this thing. It is on par with the weight of some watches and it would be easy to do with the clip. Another great feature is the radio function. It works well and is easy to navigate to the station you want. You need to attach headphones to get reception but with the included ear buds I had no reception issues from my house.

    The fact that you can rotate the screen is also very useful. It seems necessary if apple wanted to add a clip because you can rotate it to the angle you need to view it when it is clipped on.



    The software is good and the radio works well

    It is smooth to navigate around

    Good sound quality

    It is well constructed and the clip is very useful

    The colors are nice and the fit and finish is good


    I find the paint a bit slippery and it gives it a “plasticy” feel

    The clip is a bit hard to open

    No video playback or camera

    No speaker

    All in all I find this to be a very nice product and I think it will fit in well with Apples new lineup of iPods. I will look forward to using it and showing it off at school :p
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    Here are some pictures.

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    Thank you

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