Ipod Nano 7th Gen Won't Sync Right With iTunes

Discussion in 'iPod' started by slynger, Jan 2, 2014.

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    Okay, I've been baffled by this for months and can't find out what is going on.

    My problem is this - When I sync my iPod Nano 7th Gen with iTunes (V11.1) iTunes decides to randomly rate 6-10 songs in my other playlists that then find their way into the "Top Rated" playlist, one I happen to use quite frequently.

    Does anyone know what is causing iTunes to randomly rate these songs. Keep in mind it is only rating songs that I have created other playlists for and it's driving me nuts. Please help.
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    I've never had this happen with my seventh generation iPod nano but I would think maybe another family member using the same Apple ID or using Home sharing rated the song so when you are on iTunes it affects your music playlists too through iCloud...

    I keep thinking about solutions and check the web for you and maybe we can find a solution.

    EDIT:"Could this from iTunes Help be a possible explaination: "When you rate an album, all of its songs are given the same rating. You can change a rating by clicking or dragging to add or remove stars. If you rate tracks but not the album, iTunes displays the rated songs’ average as the album rating. Stars that iTunes assigns are hollow; stars that you assign are solid.""
    -Jim Leeuwen

    EDIT: I would think you could also just delete the rating or re/un rate the songs/albums in iTunes, or does it just rate the songs again?
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    Thanks for the reply.

    It is not from another family member, I know that for sure. I don't think it's the bit from "iTunes Help" as I don't rate the albums. I have several playlists that are not rated and do not have rated songs in them. Then I have my top rated playlist.

    It seems that when I go through and get rid of the randomly rated songs, it just rates different songs in those same playlists the next time I sync my iPod.

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