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Discussion in 'iPod' started by MarathonRock, Apr 7, 2011.

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    I was curious if any of you know if there is any external speaker attachment that would connect through the headphone port and provide sound? I have an iPod Nano 6g and thought it would be cool to listen to music while reading. My idea of a speaker would be similar to Switcheasy's Thumbtack, but a speaker rather than microphone. Let me know as I havbe searches all over the place!

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    A quick Google search revealed this product and other similar products at BudgetGadgets.com for less than $10. My guess is that other online electronics retailers may have these products; I've never done business with BudgetGadgets, so proceed carefully.

    The speaker assembly for the linked product is about the width of an iPod touch, so it's a little wider than your 6th gen nano. It plugs into the 30-pin Dock connector and draws power from the nano's internal battery to amplify the speakers, so it doesn't need any additional batteries and can probably get a little louder than non-powered speakers plugged directly into the headphone jack (which just doesn't have the power to drive more than earbuds without additional amplification).

    However, since it draws power from the iPod's battery, your iPod's battery life will be significantly reduced, possibly by half. There is a mini-USB jack on the speaker unit which, when connected to a USB port on a computer or USB wall charger unit, will power the speakers and recharge the nano via a pass-through circuit. (My Griffin iTrip FM transmitter has a similar function.)

    If I were reading, I'd just put on headphones or earbuds myself. Nevertheless, products like this are OK for occasional use, especially for letting a friend or two hear a song.

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