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Discussion in 'iPod' started by Dick99, Oct 5, 2015.

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    Oct 5, 2015
    Nano Gen 7 is great design, still needed in lineup, only minor improvements needed.
    I use nano 7 for audio books and music, sitting, working, traveling, walking, driving. Better, smaller, longer battery life then my iPhone. I wear it around my neck with discontinued Griffin Tunebuds, combination lanyard and earbuds, hangs upside down but tilt up to change books and settings. Lanyard designed for nano gen 1 and 3 but works with other nanos with minor modification. Avoids long headphone cables and finding a pocket to put the nano. Wear it over or under shirt. The earbud good fit and passive noise cancellation.
    Gen 8 feature request (mostly firmware)
    1. add jump forward 30 seconds (now there is only a back button/icon)
    2. Scroll the book title (Audio books have several sections and the section name is at the end of the sometimes very long book title and does not show up without scrolling.
    3. Left right ear volume adjustment (balance)
    4. Lightning connector jack contacts tend to corrode in normal use. Need either better gold plating or use of sacrificial anode (e.g. zinc) to protect the contacts from corrosion.
    5. Apple lanyard designed around nano 8
    6. Otherwise the nano 7 form, screen size, and weight are ideal.
    7. More speed adjustment for books 1/2x 1x 2x now add 2.5x or make it programmable.
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    Mar 11, 2013
    I'm afraid there won't be an eighth edition. All I would want is a higher capacity and better battery life, but I think the iPod (barring the Touch) has bit the dust.
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