iPod 'No Content' message, phone won't sync

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by NotJohnnyQuest, Mar 17, 2010.

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    Been having a series of bizarre problems with my jailbroken iPhone lately. I took it out of my alarm clock dock a couple days ago and noticed it had shut itself off. It's been doing this occasionally lately (maybe once every two weeks?), and the only way to get it to come back on at this point seems to be to do a reboot by holding down the home and power buttons. So I do this and get the Apple logo screen and let it sit by itself in the dock again for a while, knowing that it often gets stuck at this screen for some time. But after 20 minutes or so, it's still stuck on this screen. So I take it off the dock and press the power button. I'm not sure if this somehow interrupted the typical reboot/trash clearing process or what, but when my phone turns back on I see in SBSettings that I have 0 MB of free space left on /var. Plugging the phone into iTunes confirms that my formerly free space (a little more than half a gig?) is now taken up by 'other.'

    So I fooled around with things further, doing more reboots on the phone, attempting syncs with iTunes, canceling an attempted sync for some reason. Now I'm at a state where I have the problems mentioned above: I have a 'no content' message on my iPod app, meaning I can't listen to any music, and iTunes, though it recognizes my phone, is presenting me with the 'Set Up Your iPhone' screen, with the option of setting up my phone as a new phone or restoring from a backup made yesterday (for a while, third party apps were crashing on startup, too, but this problem seems to have mysteriously solved itself). I've been able to get SBSettings to report more free space after moving some photos and uninstalling the Dictionary.com app through the iPhone, though.

    Anyway, my question is, is it fine to let iTunes restore my phone from my backup? It seems to only be asking to restore my data, not do a firmware reinstallation. Will all my jailbreak stuff and all my other settings/data be fine? And is this likely to solve the problem with not being able to sync and the iPod app not recognizing my music? Thanks
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    Saw that just before you posted, fishmd, and it did help clear up some space (my Rock log file had ballooned to over a gig). Wish I had discovered that solution sooner, actually, as I think it was all my fooling around with rebooting/syncing/canceling syncs that caused my current problems.

    Anyway, still getting the 'no content' message on the iPod app. Plugging my phone into iTunes brings up the 'Set Up Your iPhone' screen, with the 'Verifying "[name of my iPhone]"' message appearing and going away after a minute or two. I'll probably run PkgBackup and do some other backup stuff before I do anything. I assume restoring the phone from a previous backup might be the best thing to do; just need some confirmation that I'm not likely to screw anything up by going that route.

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