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Discussion in 'iPod' started by morrisman1, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. morrisman1 macrumors 6502

    the dick smith electronics store in town are selling ipod touches with a 25% discount, that pretty hefty. Can only mean they are clearing them before a much more awesome model comes out after WWDC. It was tempting to buy one at that price but then with new ones around the corner i told myself no! new ones will probably double their storage capacity for the same price.
  2. Scepticalscribe Contributor


    Jul 29, 2008
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    Your interpretation could be true, but I'd just as likely view it as a store trying to persuade hard-pressed consumers to part with their cash in these recessionary times. Not only is there is credit crunch, and recession, at present, but anything I have read suggests that many businesses are suffering from cash-flow problems, as well.

    Cheers and good luck
  3. angemon89 macrumors 68000


    Feb 5, 2008
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    The iPod touch usually gets updated in the fall, along with the other iPods. Not at WWDC.
  4. NC MacGuy macrumors 603

    NC MacGuy

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    I think they'll be updated after Apple has cleared their inventory via back to school promotion as usual.

    Tuesday after promotion is over, bam! 3.0 software, 48 & 64GB's, camera, microSD card - the works.
  5. BayouBengal macrumors regular

    Oct 29, 2008
    Maybe they're also counting on customers purchasing accessories too? Cases, headphones, docks, chargers etc... But yeah, very possible new models sometime soon.
  6. morrisman1 thread starter macrumors 6502

    here in nz we have a apple distributor, which also takes a cut so that ends up in the retailer making almost nothing from apple product sales.

    They will be losing out of these sales if they havnt been able to get these in at a very good price (ie clearance).
  7. michael.lauden macrumors 68020


    Dec 25, 2008
    ha yeah! minus the microSD card that would probably all be sick
  8. morrisman1 thread starter macrumors 6502

    ok i was wrong. i dont mind admitting that. it just seemed very unusual to have any apple product on a decent special in NZ as theres little profit margin on apple products

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