ipod on the macbook


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Aug 28, 2006
I have been using a 60gb ipod video on my pc for almost a year now. When I get my mac will i have to restore it or will the mac automatically pick it up?


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May 17, 2006
You will have to copy over your iTunes library from your PC to your new mac. You can do this via external drive, over a network, copying to DVD's or CD's, or (although a less productive manner), using FTP or email. You cannot just connect your iPod to the new computer, because the iPod cannot transfer music from computer to computer.

Also, since you are switching from a PC to a Mac, you will have to reformat the hard disk on the iPod. This is done by restoring it to factory settings.
To change the iPod format you will need to restore iPod using the Macintosh version or the Windows version of the iPod Updater. For more information on the how to restore iPod with the iPod Updater application see "Restoring iPod to factory settings."
Restoring iPod to factory settings

Hope it helps ;)