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Discussion in 'iPod' started by BGM, Dec 11, 2016.

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    Aug 5, 2009

    I have an iPod classic 160Gb, last/latest Generation, that seems to only recognise when it is connected to a charging point via FireWire.. and completely ignore USB.

    This isn't overly helpful as it means i a) can't sync it, and b) can't charge it from a laptop/pc using USB

    I understand that the USB connections for an iPod classic enabling charge & sync are separate as i initially thought it might be a bent pin on the connector cable (i have tried 3x Apple 30-pin connectors) so in my mind it should probably Sync OR charge as the likelyhood of all the pins being messed up are slim..

    Direct questions from my side are

    1) Is there a specific iPod Classic cable that i should be using to charge this device - the FireWire one we have has two little buttons on the side that you should pinch to get the cable out of the iPod and is noticeably 'fatter' than any of the other USB 30-pin connectors i have tried.

    2) If i were to re-set the device i assume i will lose all of the music that is on the device.. this is one of the main reasons i want to try and get the USB connection working so as to try and salvage some music.

    3) All signs (for me) point to the iPod being damaged, is it possible to replace the charging port, or is connected to the entire mainboard? I have no problems busting it open and swapping parts out if required.

    thanks in advance!
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    From what I understand, the 5th generation iPod was the last model that supported FireWire charging. I don't know for sure, but plugging a 6th or 7th gen into a FireWire charger could have done some damage, thus possibly cooking your 30 pin connector. The connector is soldered to the main board.
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    Aug 5, 2009
    sorry, only just realised i had a reply!

    in the end i managed to source a 30 pin connector with both firewire & usb, and got the device to power up, and connect to a PC.

    The bad news is that i couldn't save any of the file from the device before the hard drive basically ceased to function, sad times.

    Luckily the cable only cost £1 from eBay ;)

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