iPod iPod or iPod mini?


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Mar 10, 2005
Edinburgh, UK
Having in mind that GBs are of less interest to me, what more has the original iPod to offer?

Im gonna use it mainly on the bus, during a walk in the park, in the early minutes of a meeting, while on a trip.

Is there a great difference in size/weight? How practical is it to carry it around in a handbag. Is the belt clip firm and steady?

Judging by the pictures, the original iPod does look more solid and more class than the mini. Could be wrong...

Im assuming that the wheel is the same design in both right?

Thanks in advance.


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Jan 10, 2005
I went from the iPod mini (1st gen, green) to iPod U2. I like U2 much more. I like the thing that all corners are rounded and its much easier to put it in iPod Sock and take out. I also like the design of regular-sized iPods more than Mini's.

Yes mini's belt clip is solid. But its pretty problematic to take iPod out of it hehe ;)

The difference in size is minimal as is in weight. The choice is up to you anyway. Buy the one YOU like more :) Good luck!


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Jun 22, 2005
I went from a mini to a 30gb photo. The weight is a tad heavier than the mini but not to noticeable. I travel with it all the time, I work out with it, I wear it in a contour case on my waist, I throw it in my handbag. Overall its great.

Alicia :D


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Mar 10, 2004
Bergen, Norway
A vote for the mini.

I've had a mini for almost a year and a half and haven't even considered to get a regular mini. My next iPod (whenever this one dies) will almost certainly be another mini. (Unless they add a clock to the Shuffle.)

The mini is much smaller, lighter and feels more robust than the regular iPod, which feels like a fragile, small brick (;)). My mini went tumbling down a concrete staircase and didn't even stop playing, while the regular iPods back's get scratched just by looking at them.

Get the mini, make yourself a couple of nice playlists with your favorite songs and sync those onto it.


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Nov 16, 2004
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I have not had a mini but being in the Apple store quite often I can say that the size and weight is comparible, a little smaller/lighter on the side of the mini, but by the time you case it or whatever, it probably wouldn't be noticed.

I have a 30Gb iPod Photo, great little thing. I take it everywhere, bus, class, meetings, daily to work, etc. I bought a Lajo silicon sleeve for it, in clear, so I can still see the white front and silver back but they are protected, and the wheel works fine through the thing silicon front. I also cut a PDA protector sheet smaller and laid it over the screen do prevent my nice color screen from scratching ;)

Either way I think you'll be quite happy, all are good products. If you said Gb isn't a major concern, get the mini. It is a little smaller/lighter, comes in colors (if you're into that) and is cheaper too.

Someone correct me if wrong, battery life is comparible in the latest revisions?? :confused:


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Get the normal iPod, i dont a big msic collection (about 2500 songs) the reson i got the 20GB U2 ipod is that i can use it as a portable HD. I can files, movies and anything else with me between work and home. I would recommend that you get a belt clip for your ipod which will make it easyer to carry around. The mini is great but it has to little GB for my liking.


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Aug 9, 2000
If capacity makes no real difference, then it's tough to make a recommendation. The iPod is far more cost-effective per GB than the mini, but that doesnt make a difference to you.

I have a 20gb iPod, and I love it. But a feature that distinguishes itself from the mini? The larger form-factor fits my hands a bit better. My hands aren't huge, but it feels more substantial, and less like a toy to me.


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Jun 20, 2005
i have owned a LOT of players. (karma, zen, carbon(crap), ipod 3gen, hx320, and the mini)And of them all the mini is the only one that i carry around EVERYWHERE. I find the whole lot of full capacity (read 20+ gigs) to be too big to carry around comfortably in all types of pants/shorts pockets. The mini pretty much disapears in a pocket and you forget its there. Once you go to a small form factor player, its hard to go back to a large one.

I use to buy big players for fear of not having the right song on me at teh right time, but that was silly, as i just create a playlist before leaving and im good to go. Currently i have about 60 albums on my mini, if you need more than that for day to day living, you have to much time on your hands.

Not to mention the aluminum enclosed mini should be more durable than the chrome and plastic ipod. As an added bonus it looks like it was made for my 12" pb :p


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Mar 10, 2005
Edinburgh, UK
Thanks a lot for all of your comments!
Much appreciated.

Ill just wait for the 7/7 announcement and take it from there.


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Jan 20, 2005
KKKL said:
if you have got a car => iPod
if you dont => iPod mini
Agreed. The regular size iPod works great as a jukebox for the car. The iPod simply holds better in hand or when being carried, since you will never listen to every song if it were the full-size iPods. Its almost overkill.


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May 16, 2005
RooX said:
Just wondering why you think that?
in my opinion, iPod is too big to take, but fine to work in your car.
iPod mini is fit for the pocket, it can be carred more easily