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Apr 12, 2004
Was just wondering everyone's thoughts on the iPod vs the iPod photo. Is it really worth it?
Also, for clarification; i just purchased an imac g5 from the apple store. i selected the option with the wireless keyboard and mouse and bluetooth module. is that a built in module or external, because it is listed seperately from the other bluetooth option.




Dec 30, 2002
If you want a color sceeen get the photo if not, get the regualr iPod. Simple as that as far as I'm concerned. The Photo part is a bit of a gimmick for now, but probably in a few revisions(say 7G) iPods will come standard with color screens.

Frank (Atlanta)

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Oct 29, 2004

I have an iPod photo, but I'm a brand-new dad and love having tons of pictures of my son when I'm traveling, etc. Also makes it easy for me to brag! And family members at least get to check-out some cool tech while I'm boring them w/family slides...

The photo capability is nice and it fits my wants; however, I don't know that I'd scroll through "regular" pictures (e.g.: vacation, etc.); guess it just fits my immediate paternal focus.

On the other hand, though, you don't have to use the picture functionality to benefit - the iPod photo also provides:
  • Really nice color screen
  • Scrolling names/titles
  • Album art
  • Better battery life
  • 60GB's greater storage capacity negates price difference on a per-gig basis (if you have a large music/photo collection to use this storage)

Would I upgrade if I already had an iPod? Probably not; however (as this was my first iPod), the add'l feature/functionality was great for me.

Obviously boils down to personal preferences; however, if you're only interested in music, then a non-photo will probably be fine; if you want some of the added features and have a large-enough music collection, then the 60GB machine can be..."rationalized"...

Good luck,


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Sep 11, 2004
Canberra, Australia
The iPod Photo has some nice features that a regular iPod doesn't but they are still a bit pricey IMO.

I'm sure you'll be happy with whichever one you get! :)


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Feb 27, 2004
London, UK
The better battery life is a real plus as well. Going from a 3G with 8 hours to a Photo with 15 made a big difference. The regular 4G ipod has 12 hours...


Jun 18, 2004
Dr. Dastardly said:
Now that it has a color screen and can display photos from iPhoto, does anyone else think it seems a bit incomplete for it to not play movies from iMovie?
I think once QuickTime7/Tiger is out the new codec that Jobs keep banking on about will see the next generation iPods with movie functionality built in.

The only other thing that might delay it is battery life as it'll need the hard drive to be used more.


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Jan 20, 2005
The iPod photo cost as much as a Mac mini. For the comparative value, I see iPods as being luxury items if you could afford it. Otherwise, I'd just go with a regular iPod or buy a Mac Mini and an iPod shuffle combo.


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Jun 24, 2004
Most points covered above, but a couple more -

iPod photo comes with a case (and drawstring bag); the regular iPod does not.

The proportional-spaced font on the Photo allows more text on a line, so there's less need to scroll track titles (unless you have album art of course).

For me the important things were the 60GB storage, and the 15 hour battery. I've not got round to storing photos on it yet. :eek:


May 26, 2004
Randy's House
I keep trying to convince myself to buy one (I'd love to have my portfolio in my pocket), but the thing is nearly half what a high-end lens would cost me, so i just can't bring myself to do it. It'd be a toy, not a tool.

Till then, saving up for the next revision G5. :D


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Oct 13, 2004
iPod photo is the top model. Make no mistake.

First thing you gotta do is think what capacity you're lookin' at. If you need hectic space, then you don't really have much choice. the 60GB iPod photo.


If you're looking at the 40GB range...you do have a dilemma. I however did not have a dilemma because of the following reasons...

1. I needed an iPod.
2. Wanted the newest, the top-of-the-line
3. Money was not a factor for me (Since I saved for the expensive buy)
4. Was waiting for the color screen (Personal thing....just don't like B/W screens...)
5. 15 Hours battery life.
6. It had a dock, The B/W 40GB also does so the extra $100 was not a problem
7. The whole photo thing....Slideshow...I have used it, to numerous amounts of "oohs" and "aahs".
8. It was just released when I had bought it.

For me, the 40GB B/W was a waste of good $400 when you had a newer model, with longer battery life with color screen and extra features (album art...people say you don't look at your iPod, you listen to it, BELIEVE me, it makes a difference with that album art on, every piece of music is so much more worth listening to...more VALUE..)

For an extra $100....it was worth it. I still think so. The graphics the iPod photo give out is truly brilliant. Details...details...cannot happen with a B/W screen.

The only thing that I slightly frown is the thickness of the iPod photo. The ideal size is the 20GB iPod...which I presume is too little capacity for you...

There have been rumors about the 5G iPod with 40GB storage for about the thickness of the current 20GBs......

My advice to you is, if color screens and photos are a thing for you, then buy it. If not, and not desperate, then wait for the 5G....but do not buy the current 4G iPod.......WHY waste $400 if an update is on the way and on top of that, if there's an infinitely better model for an extra $100?

Or you could always get a Mac mini and a shuffle. :p


Jan 18, 2005
i wouldnt buy an iPod photo. for every hour or so worth of music i probably spend about 20 seconds looking for another album to play, which is the only time i look at the screen. so colour would be pointless for me.

one of my lecturers bought one, said it has some funny bugs. like skipping 100 tracks and going 1 back makes it crash.

+ higher HD ceiling, a few hours extra battery life, colour screen (for showing off)

- more dosh, bit thicker

'sup to you in the end though. personally id go for a 40gb 4G iPod at this moment in time.


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Oct 23, 2002
I thought the iPod Photo was overpriced when it came out, but then I saw one in person. All I can say is "wow". You don't know what you're missing until you get a chance to play with it. Stunning, razor-sharp display... drool.... :D
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