iPod PC Users need more help?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by TBR, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. TBR macrumors 6502

    Feb 14, 2004
    Blackpool - England
    I use my iPod a lot for taking files to and from work, lots of none compressed video etc etc. The iPod is great for this.

    Anyway at work we are using PC's :( but thats no problem as I simply have my iPod formatted on the pc and it then works at home on my mac and the pc at work.

    But I've noticed something quite strange. The on screen help on the iPod is much more prevailent when it's formatted as a PC Pod.

    For example, when you eject the iPod on the mac the screen simply reverts to the top menu, playlists, browse etc, then the charging screen appears. But when it's working on the PC the screen says, 'it is now safe to remove the device' (or whatever not checking it right now) With a big tick on the screen, and it shows this until you remove the ipod from the pc. Also I remember a while ago that an actual picture of the firewire-iPod cable end appeared on the screen, but this was a good few months ago and I can't remember why.

    I just find it funny that there is more help on hand for those unlucky PC users out there.
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    Apr 14, 2002
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    Maybe it's because it's PC formatted. You'll find that a normal mac iPod has the "do not disconnect" and "you can disconnect" signs on its screen and an iPod will appear on your computer desktop if you've set it to act as a harddrive.. and pretty much everything else..

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