iPod Photo 4th Gen 30 GB. I'm having problems.

Discussion in 'iPod' started by psycoswimmer, Dec 27, 2006.

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    Sep 27, 2006
    Okay. First, you should know that I just switched to mac. My iPod was synced to my PC, and 2 days ago I plugged it in while enabling disk mode and manually managing music so that I could transfer my iTunes library. Fine. Today, I plugged it in and it showed in iTunes, and on my desktop. Then, I un-checked the manually manage music, as I wanted it to autosync on my Mac. Again, it worked. My music was on my iPod, including new songs I bought on the Mac. Then, I clicked the podcast tab to update my podcasts and switch the autosyncing to the Mac. I clicked sync, and then "all" and then pressed "apply". Then, I got an iPod error (long number, didn't have the presense of mind to write it down), and my iPod disappeared from iTunes. It still said Do Not Disconnect on the screen. I had no way (that I knew of) to eject it, so I pulled the iPod out of the dock. I reset the iPod. I put it in again, and it showed up in Finder, but could not find the volume. It didn't show on the desktop or in iTunes. Again, I pulled it out, with no way to eject. Now, my iPod works fine, it's just getting iTunes and my iMac to recognize it. Which, I think it does, but it says something about a missing volume.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. I just got my iPod replaced in October for a hard drive failure and I'd like this dilemma to go more, er, smoothly?
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    May 31, 2006
    someone is likely to suggest the five Rs so i'll put it out there.

    if the computer recognizes the iPod as a disk but iTunes doesn't, i would start anew using Disk Utility (Applications > Disk Utility > Erase).

    also, you could try plugging it into a Windows machine, restoring it through iTunes and then plug it into the Mac to start fresh. or you could reformat through Windows Explorer (right click on the drive and then "Format" - make sure you format as FAT32) and then the iPod should, when you turn it on, ask to be plugged into iTunes so it can restore itself.

    if none of these work, a trip to the Apple Store might be in order.

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