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Jan 24, 2002
Hey everyone...

Does the iPod Camera Connector process my pictures in any way? I'm just learning about RAW format photos, and it sounds like the way to go for me (semi-pro), but I'm wondering if the iPod Photo is capable of essentially being an intermediary between my camera and my mac without altering the file at all? I'm not that interested in viewing my pics on my iPod, I mainly care about having all that portable storage while I'm shooting.
Any help greatly appreciated.

I don't think this matters but the camera is a Nikon D70. And my iPod photo is a 60gb.


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Mar 15, 2004
There is a pretty good review of the camera connector at ipodlounge.com - Based on that, it looks like you can transfer RAW pics onto your iPod (without altering) but they are not viewable on your iPod photo until after you sync back to your Mac.

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