iPod scrubber/progress bar does not work after iPhone upgrade to IOS4

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  1. wageoghe macrumors newbie

    Jul 6, 2010
    I have a 3Gs iPhone. Over the weekend I upgraded to IOS4. I have noticed that the progress/scrubber bar in the iPod does not work anymore. It displays, but it does not show the progress through track, nor does it show the time played and time remaining (it shows zeroes instead). Finally, touch-dragging on the button on the progress bar does not move forward/backward through the track. Instead, it resets to the beginning of the track.

    I have powered the iPhone off and back on but it did not make a difference.

    Has anyone else seen this?

    More info ...

    It seems that this problem exists with any podcasts that were already on my iPhone at the time that I sync'd with iTunes (via my computer) for the OS upgrade. I don't connect to iTunes via my computer very often. Rather, to get new podcasts, I just get them directly from the iPhone. I do have some podcasts that I had set up via subscription in iTunes, so when I sync, those podcasts get downloaded automatically.

    During the sync, some of these podcasts were downloaded to my iPhone. These podcasts work fine. Their length is displayed in the Podcasts section of the iPod and the progress/scrubber bar works as expected (i.e. it shows the progress, amount played, amount remaining, and allows for moving forward or backward within the audio). It is only the old podcasts that seem to be affected. Their length is not displayed in the Podcasts section of the iPod and the progress/scrubber bar does not work as expected.

    I thought I saw a mention on this or some other forum about Podcast length display missing (in the Podcasts section), but did not connect that problem with the problem that I am having.

    If I download a new podcast directly from the iPhone (as opposed to iTunes on computer), the length is displayed and the progress/scrubber bar works.

    Still looking for any suggestions if anyone has any ideas about whether or not this can be fixed (without reloading all podcasts).

    Here is a link to a post in an Apple support forum that pretty much describes what I am seeing:


    And here is a link to another post here on macrumors that seems to be describing the same problem:
  2. darobman macrumors newbie

    Jul 6, 2010
    Yup, same exact thing here. Not Jailbroken or anything, glad i'm not the only one.

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