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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by russed, May 11, 2004.

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    Jan 16, 2004
    hi, i think i have a sick ipod. the battery life is poor (like 4 hours with no eq on,low volume, no jumping around tracks and songs that are not of a large size), every time i turn it on i get the apple logo for about a minute till i can use it. also i get odd noise coming from the ipod itself from when about the battery is about half drained (cant tell exactly when as the batery meter is never constant). the noise is electrical sounding and occurs when you touch the buttons and wheel thingy. it is hard to describe as typically it isnt doing it at the moment! the noise becomes quite high pitched and louder and is a bit like a squeak! i know it is definatly not the hard drive as it doesnt do it when i dont touch it.it does this whether it is turned on or off, the only way to stop it is by turning it off and putting hold on. i have sent it back once already for this (about 2.5 months ago) and i thought it had been sorted but obviously not even though it said they hadnt changed anything and now the symptoms are getting worse again. oh also, my headphones have statred to break - the white plastic around where it splits off into 2 to go to the earpieces, has started to come off and so i can see bare wire.

    it is a 3g 20gb version bought at the end of december.

    right question time. i have been searching the apple site for about an hour looking for a phone number to try and get them to come and get it. i dont have the extended warrenty and so dont fancy paying £30 some to get some person to tell me it needs to be repaired. i also dont fancy filling in a form as i dont think i would be able to explain all the problems properly in writing (as you can tell above)! advise please on what to do! would it be worth sending steve an email? i have heard that has helped getting proper things happening.

    oh also i live in england



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