ipod shows up on desktop, but when itunes opens it disappears


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Jul 10, 2007
hello there. this post is also in the ipod/itunes discussion area but no one could help there so i figured i'd try the help section as well.

well, i've pretty much tried everything besides nuking my computer.
it started the other day when my ipod was showing up on the desktop and not in itunes. i did some searching on ipod's support site and found this article.
because i was tired and not paying attention, i followed the instructions for this mac os update instead of for 10.4:

"Mac OS X 10.2.8 and earlier
To resolve this issue with earlier versions of Mac OS X, you'll need to delete one file and reinstall iTunes. Follow each of the steps below.

Step 1
Delete the file using Terminal
Warning: The steps below describe how to remove a file by entering commands in the Terminal application (located in the Utilities folder inside of the Applications folder). Users unfamiliar with Terminal and UNIX-like environments should proceed with caution. The entry of incorrect commands may result in data loss or unusable system software.

1. Open Terminal (/Applications/Utilities).
2. Type: sudo rm -R /System/Library/Extensions/iPodDriver.kext
3. Press Return.
4. Enter the administrator account password when prompted.
5. Quit Terminal.
6. Restart the computer (From the Apple menu, choose Restart)."

after i did that, i realized when i plugged my ipod in and itunes started up, the ipod icon would disappear from the desktop altogether accompanied with the itunes error: "an ipod has been detected, but it could not be identified properly. please disconnect and reconnect the ipod, then try again."

i tried. again. and again. and again. after realized i had messed up royally by deleting the .kext file, i called up apple and begged them to help. they repeated the 5 r's (four of which i already did) and told me to re-install itunes, which i had done twice. they could not figure out what was wrong even when i told them about deleting the .kext file and said that re-installing itunes would have fixed that. hmm. then they emailed me the article that they said would explain everything. but it was for windows...okay.

since i couldn't restore the ipod on my computer, i brought it to my boyfriend. he performed the diagnostic test and it proved to be okay. then i plugged it into his computer, restored it, and it worked fine. so it obviously must be something to do with my computer.

i tried extracting the .kext file with pacifist from the itunes package and it was not found. i ended up copying the file from my roommate's computer and placing it in the extensions folder. it still didn't work. any advice?


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Feb 2, 2007
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hmm does your roomate have the same mac as you? if he doesnt maybe the ipoddriver.kext is a little different to yours or it has the wrong permissions. first try repairing permissions on your mac with disk utility and then restart. if this doesnt work try using pacifist to extract the .kext that originally came with your computer on the first install disc. if these dont work youll probably have to restore you ipod on another mac then put all your music, movies back on your ipod or reinstall OS X on your mac.


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Oct 29, 2007
So I did the same thing as yoursotrendy. I thought this may have been the solution to my problem. However, I go to use pacifist to extract the ipoddriver.kext file and I simply can't find it anywhere on there. Am I just an idiot and not looking in the right place?

Should I just reinstall the OS?

If I do reinstall, do I lose all my music? (Windows kept these files if you didn't specifically reformat if i remember).

Thanks in advance.
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