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Discussion in 'iPod' started by ddbean, Jul 22, 2005.

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    Sep 17, 2003
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    Is there a way to force the iPod Shuffle Auto-fill function to just pick songs that it hasn't picked yet? I have over 4000 songs, none are rated (I don't want to do that to any of my songs, and that would cause more repeats, not less), and I Auto-fill every night a new list, even if I haven't heard all 200+ songs from the previous day. I listen to it all day long at work 10+ hours/day). I hear a lot of songs (maybe 20 or more) 3-4 times a weeks, which seems like too much repeats, and I'm assuming Auto-fill is just following a "random" algorithm. I should be able to go 20 days without hearing a repeat if my math is correct (4000/200).

    I'm assuming I'd have to create a smart-playlist to do this but have never done one. Guessing something like -make copy of playlist, store as "played.txt" text file, don't pick songs that are on that list when selecting new songs. Playlist gets amended each day until I've gone through whole library, then auto delete list and start over. Would be nice if iTunes could recover the song list that it actually played and removed un-played songs from the played list but not sure the shuffle keeps track of that in a manner that iTunes can read back in on mount, but that last part is not as important and the first part to me.
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    Mate, the only way to get your iPod to play a different selection of random tunes is to buy a new iPod. It likes what it likes.

    Mine's a little partial to Pulp, especially their later stuff that I'm not big on, and has a thing for the Eagles, even though I only have 12 tracks out of 2365. Reset, wipe, reshuffle, whatever. It still keeps playing certain tracks on a regular basis.
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    I have two playlists named "25 least played" (first screenie) and "25 least recently played" (second screenie) Just change the limit to use MB rather than songs, and that should help.

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