iPod Shuffle 3rd gen--connector issue, blinking problem?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by tokiidokii, Mar 12, 2009.

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    Feb 23, 2008
    i've been meaning to get a shuffle for running and was really surprised to see that the new shuffle was in stock in the apple store near my area. so i picked one up.

    anyway, i'm not sure if anyone else has the new shuffle but i'm a bit worried about the connector. it is tight but the problem lies in if you accidentally twist the shuffle while connected (i don't meant twisting it on purpose but say if you plug it in and the shuffle wasn't flat on the ground and you decide to twist it a little so it's flat), you'll get a connection error about not safely ejecting the shuffle. it's like when you turn the headphone and you hear 'crackling'... same thing is happening i guess... signal gets cut off. i kinda wish there was something like a dock at the end so it keeps the shuffle from moving at all while connected but w/e.

    the other thing, my shuffle doesn't stop blinking orange while it's connected to itunes so i have no idea if it's done charging. the only way you'll see green is if you eject your shuffle from itunes but keep it plugged in. it's annoying and i just want to see if this is happening to those who has the new shuffle also.

    but i really like the new shuffle. i've used my iphone as an ipod so using the control is fine with me. oh it works with a regular earbud also. as in it just plays the music but you can't go to the next song, change volume etc. so it's only 99% broken LOL. and the voice over feature is pretty cool... it even tells me my japanese songs in japanese so that's cool.
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    Sounds like the cable has a short in it. Take it back for exchange.
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    Feb 23, 2008
    ugh yea it's annoying. i looked at the instruction booklet and it clearly says that blinking orange means it's syncing and to not disconnect. solid orange is charging and green is charged.

    the thing is my itunes says 'sync is complete' and what not but my shuffe keeps blinking orange, hence i get the 'did not safely remove hardware' if it's accidentally twisted/knocked or w/e.

    i'll go in the afternoon to exchange and hope the next one is fine. thanks!

    wow i guess i really had to go to the apple site to see what's up with the blinking lights. i was about to go nuts thinking there's something wrong but i found the answer:


    apparently the shuffle has 'disk use' enabled by default so it acted like a storage drive as well. i unchecked the option and everything is ok now. you still get temp. disconnection if you twist the cord when it's plugged in (on purpose to test) but you won't get the warning since it's done syncing. i don't need to exchange it anymore :)

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