iPod Shuffle Dilemma

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Kenzembo1, Apr 13, 2009.

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    I'm writing this thread because I'm strongly considering purchasing an iPod Shuffle for use when running or at the gym. I've never owned a shuffle, and now with the release of the third generation I'm thinking that it's a good time to make a purchase. The "dilemma" I face here is: Do I buy the new 3rd generation 4 GB iPod shuffle, or do I take advantage of the previous generation shuffle because of the price and availability? To be honest, money really isn't the biggest issue...I guess I'm more or less looking for advice on which iPod is the best of the two as far as performance and functionality. I appreciate any insight the MacRumors community has to offer, and welcome any reviews/testimonials people may offer that own either, or both versions of the shuffle. Thanks! :apple:
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    I'd go for the older version, mainly because of the controls. Since you can only control the new ones from the thing attached to the earphone cord, I could easily see how one would just yank the earbuds out of your ears while jogging or something. By getting the older model you can give the earphones more slack when trying to play/pause/ff/etc.

    Hopefully this makes sense...
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    I have the new shuffle and I *love* it. Perfect for exercising. I got the Apple in ear headphones to go with them, and other then those headphones having weak-bass, I haven't looked back.

    That said, it is an expensive way to go for what it is. If you really don't care that the combo is ~$150, go for it! If you are worried about saving some pennies, the older one is a perfectly workable alternative.

    Keep in mind the 'talks to you' feature is very, very handy. The way you can support and select playlists is clever too. You won't have those goodies on the old shuffle. And of course, it just looks OLD now :)
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    I think this is just a personal preference thing. I would never buy one of the new models with its overloaded multiple-click interface. In fact I actually went and bought two more 2G shuffles for spares for my wife and me, in case ours ever fail.

    By the way, here's an excellent review of the new shuffle.

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