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Discussion in 'iPod' started by dmetzcher, Dec 2, 2005.

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    Nov 26, 2005
    I have a new iPod shuffle. It has some strange behaviors when I add podcasts to it (specifically, the This Week in Tech podcast). I should say first that these issues are not specific to my current shuffle, because they also happened on the first one that I got a week ago that I just replaced this past Tuesday after it died.

    First, when I add music to the shuffle, it plays just fine in linear mode (or shuffle mode). I use linear mode for everything, so assume that going forward.

    When I add audiobooks from Audible (.aa file extension), they play fine as well, along with the music.

    ISSUE 1:
    If I add a few podcasts, from the same show, however, this is where I see weird things happening. The most obvious thing is that, if I add episode 1, 2, 3 and 4, and then reorder them so that the most recent (4) plays last, it keeps this order in the playlist (I can see it in iTunes), but plays in the reverse order on the shuffle. So, for example, episode 4 (the most-recent) plays first, then 3, then 2, then 1. It seems that you cannot change the order.

    ISSUE 2:
    That's not all that's going on though. There's also an issue with podcasts where I move them to the END of the playlist, and they appear correctly in the playlist on iTunes, but play as if they are at the beginning of the playlist on the device. Also, the first few songs on the device, that are at the top of the playlist, are not there at all, or so it seems. They are skipped. Yes, they are checked in the playlist in iTunes, so they should play. Also, if I delete the podcast files, the songs are now at the head of the playlist and the first few will play again. Here is what my playlist looks like when I see this problem:

    songs (top of the list) - about 80 of them
    audiobooks (middle of the list) - about 10 of them
    podcasts (bottom of the list) - about 9 of them

    In the above configuration, the podcasts play first, not last, and they seem to replace the first few songs at the top of the list, but the rest of the songs will play.

    This is really weird, and I cannot explain it. I've tested it a number of different ways, and the only thing that seems to work for me is moving the podcasts to the top of the list, followed by the songs, followed by the audio books.

    Can anyone explain these two issues? It's driving me nuts.
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    Nov 26, 2005
    As an update...
    I fiddled around with the playlist. Here is how it looks now.

    Songs (at the top)
    Audiobooks (middle)
    Podcasts (bottom)

    That's the playlist in iTunes. However, on the iPod, when I play it, the the podcasts play as if they are at the top, then the songs, then the audiobooks. It's weird. Has anyone with an iPod shuffle experienced this?

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