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Discussion in 'iPod' started by puma1552, May 1, 2011.

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    So yesterday I happened across these and bought them on a whim.

    I've seen a lot of people gripe about these, including and not limited to iLounge, etc. citing how terrible they are because they don't give you access to controls, protect against drops, etc. I can't help but wonder why people would even criticize them for that, when they were so obviously not designed to be a full on case.

    They are a pouch for your iPod, simple as that. For the purpose they are intended, they are wonderful.

    The reason I bought them was because I used to never use cases, I would always just put my iPods on a lint free cloth on my desk and never let them touch hard surfaces to avoid scratching. Some time ago, I finally decided I loved SwitchEasy's hard plastic case lines, and swear by them. Unfortunately, for a couple of my iPods, they predate SwitchEasy, or the products simply aren't available and I can't find others I like. Additionally, even though the hard cases I have are great, I'm still uneasy throwing them in a pocket or a bag with lots of other stuff knocking around, so even with a case, I think a little pouch serves a purpose. So I decided to give the socks a whirl.

    The quality is great, as to be expected, albeit overpriced. I gave the pink one to my wife for her pink nano 5G, so I just have five. Fresh out of the box:



    From left to right, tucked neatly inside--5.5G, mini, nano 5G (nano is in a SwitchEasy CapsuleThin case):


    Here you can see the 7G classic, with the SwitchEasy Capsule Classic case, still fits nicely inside:


    One thing you will notice in the picture above--you can see little specks of shiny metal, that is the iPod you can see inside. A lot of people complain that these socks scratch their iPods, but I think what's happening is that little pieces of dust get inside and rub against the iPod. However, without the SwitchEasy case, you can not see these little specks of iPod as the case isn't stretches enough.

    These fit very well with the iPods I have, and thus far don't seem to stretch much, if at all. They contract quickly as soon as you pop the Classic out, though that may change long term. The nano 5G, in a case, inside the sock, feels great. The mini feels perfect. I don't know how the nano 5G would feel without the case, possibly a little loose.

    My thoughts:


    --High quality
    --Perfect for traveling/transporting iPods in a purse/bag/suitcase amidst other things
    --They do NOT scratch the iPod, at least the fabric itself doesn't
    --Great supplementary travel protection to be used alongside cases/films
    --Fit well over many iPods, including the bulky Classic when it's in a case


    --Possibly could get dust inside which may scratch against an unprotected iPod if you plan on using these everyday as main/primary protection


    Would buy again for my needs. I mainly bought them to protect one iPod that never gets used (in other words it will just sit in the sock on my desk more or less) and another iPod that lives in my SoundDock, that may occasionally need to travel. I mainly bought these socks for travel transportation for all of my iPods, and I think they will work excellent that way. I probably wouldn't use them as sole protection on an iPod I use all the time, taking it in and out constantly, and taking it everywhere--but I would use it everyday so long as the iPod is in another case inside. For your needs, they may work well, or they may be completely pointless. In the end, they are a basic pouch that do their job wonderfully, IMO.

    And the ipod glory shots just for fun, all of these iPods are 100% flawless, sans the black 5G which is my car beater, finally replaced/retired just yesterday with the second silver Classic 7G (waiting on delivery of my case, already put my Power Support Crystal Films on):


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    Yep--the white 5.5G lives in the SoundDock, the black 5G did live in the car but will be gotten rid of in favor of the new 7G classic, the mini I just love--my first iPod was a silver mini that I had for three years but then lost, then feeling nostalgic I found this one NIB on ebay last year so I had to pick it up. The 7G Classic in the case is my normal everyday iPod, as are the three nanos. So I'm a little overboard on my everyday iPods, as I certainly don't need four, but the nanos are prime and the classic is just the best...I just couldn't decide on a nano color.:eek:

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