ipod software 2.1 vs. latest Leopard apps & Exchange server connectivity

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by macrem, Sep 19, 2008.

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    Mar 11, 2008
    Yesterday someone at work showed me what they could do from their new gen iPhone to connect to my work's M$ Exchange server...

    So I tried it on my Touch with 2.1. I entered my email address and password, and voilà, iPod software 2.1 did the rest... I could connect to email, access my work calendar, Directory Services just worked, all of these integrate well. I seem to get the same functionality as outlook/exchange webmail for accepting calendar appointments, etc. I was very pleasantly surprised!

    Then I turned to my Mac running OS X Leopard 10.5.5 to see if I could do these things (cough!). Apparently you still have to work on each app individually:

    • Mail: I could get my inbox to work with the external address using IMAP, not Exchange, but could not figure out SMTP with the external address. I still need to run VPN and use an internal server address to send mail.
    • iCal: no joy. No matter what I try, I cannot connect to the Calendar server with internal or external addresses
    • Address Book: LDAP/ActiveDirectory access works with a different internal server only (after a lot of tinkering), but not with the external address
    All of the above are disjointed & complex to configure compared to the iPod software 2.1's Exchange support. I'm guessing that Apple will eventually get to OS X Apps. Does anyone have any info about it? Its too bad on OS X we're behind iPods...

    Also, I am currently in the MobileMe trial period. I thought at least I would get my work calendar in iCal via: Exchange calendar pushing to iPod > iPod to MobileMe server > iCal. Nope! This is strange because my Touch calendar and iCal are supposed to be in sync.


    Personally, I do not like Exchange nor MS software to begin with but at work that is the only choice. Our IT Dept = MS Fanboys. In fact, to archive email onto a server (which is unavoidable due to a crappy quota, which is probably because Outlook becomes too slow without the quota), you actually need to install a Windows only app that downloads mail from Exchange, then re-uploads archives to a different server. How stupid is that!!
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    Same here. Very happy with push email and push contact iPhone has but desktop applications seem to be lagging behind. There is an option to synchronize Address Book with Exchange server but I couldn't get it to work. I hope Apple get them right soon.

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