iPod stolen:prices of video ipod???

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by john_satc, Oct 31, 2006.

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    Hey, I know everyone is fed up of the 'how long to video ipods' talk. However, this is slightly differnet. I had my iPod stolen from uni last week, and as pitiful as it may sound, i cant live without my ipod. So I was going to buy another one this week. However, I thought the new iPod video might be coming out in the new couple of months, so could wait. But then I thought, watching video on the go doesn't really appeal to me. So here is the question - if/when the new ipod comes out, what sort of price would it be, looking at the current price of £189 for the current 5g. Another 30/40 quid on top of that, or more???I know we cant know for sure, but going on history, what do you think???
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    It seems as though Apple lowered the prices on the 30 and 80 GB models with the last revision so that the new full screen video could be introduced at a slighty higher price point. Say US $249 for 30, $349 for 80, $449 or $499 for full screen video. It will be a different product most likely to keep the older video and nanos for more pure music/photo etc, whereas this will be more of a video and less of a music oriented unit.
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    I'm guessing it won't replace the current iPods, but add on to the line. It will be more expensive then the current iPod.

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