iPod to Computer Programs.. legal?


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Jun 30, 2007
Orange County, California
I just found a few programs that can transfer photos, videos, and music from your iPod onto your computer. And I was just wondering if this was legal? I found them, and tried one out and I don't want to think I did this illegally, I got it because I had about 300 songs that I got off of my Mom's, Brother's, and Dad's computers by just plugging my iPod in and grabbing them off, so I never had a copy in my library untill I found programs like senuti, I used the free version of the program by Findley Designs, (the free trial version never ends, but you can only "copy" 5 songs to your computer at a time, unless you buy it)

So yeah, does anybody know if this is completely legal??


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May 16, 2007
hmmmm I don't see why not. Have you read the disclaimer of the app that you are using? Does it mention anything about using MP3 players such as the iPOD or Windows Zuma ( think I might have misspelled that....whatever!) or any other player!?
I use my Motorola V360 and my PSP as MP3 players and use both WMPlayer and iTUNES to transfer music back and forth with out any worries of legality.
If this app works for you then keep it, as far as weather it is a "legal" or not I don't think it is if you downloaded it from the website......unless you got it from a P2P app.....

What does this mean; $992.21 Towards my first mac Help?? I say keep saving and get a new Mac!!
I have a MPG4 and it runs like a dream, matter of fact, works a lot better than my G/Fs PC and the PC at work as well!!



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Mar 8, 2005
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As long as you own all the songs, yes!

Well maybe not for DRM files, as they might strip it of the DRM.

Also iTunes lets you do this for song that were bought by the Library that your currently synced with