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May 25, 2013
Arkansas, United States
I have a 32 Gb ipod touch 1st generation that I bought for $499 (plus applecare) back in february 2008. It was quite alot of money for a product that was new, unheard of, and didnt even have an app store. however, after having it for over four years, it was one of the best investments i ever bought.

In september 2011, the home button "spring" broke. so inorder to use the home button, you had to press kinda hard and almost impossible to double click. around november 2011, i jailbroke it using the following summer, August 2012, i decided to restore it. having 25 gb of music, video, apps and clutter on a jailbroken 1st gen device slowed it to a crawl. Like, the photo library would take 2 minutes to load and then crash. When I restored it, i just went into settings and clicked restore all on the device itself. 5 hours later, it never powered back on. the only thing that would come up was the plug in logo, then apple start up logo. then it would stay stuck on the apple logo until it died. I have tried everything to get it working again, but no luck. It isnt really a necessity, i have since bought an ipod touch 4 and iphone 5, but it would be nice to have a backup device to house a large music library.

thank you for any advice.:confused::)


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Aug 30, 2012
Long Island, NY
You *cannot* restore a jailbroken iPhone/iPod via the Settings page, as that messes up your device.

Jailbreaking 101!

I'm no expert on jailbreaking, but someone here should know how to restore a soft-bricked iPod via one of those JB utilities, and since it's a 1G, it shouldn't be too difficult.

Good luck, and do research before jailbreaking next time :eek:
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