Ipod touch 2g gets warm when charging

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Dino451, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. Dino451 macrumors 6502

    Sep 12, 2006
    My ipod touch 2g gets warm(very) when charging. The problem area is the lower left corner(opposite side of headphone jack). This ipod touch is a refurb/replacement from apple(store) for my original 2g with dust under the screen. This problem just started about a week ago but has worked fine the past 3 months. Anyone else have this/ideas to what it might be?

    My warranty is up in early October:confused:
  2. NT1440 macrumors G4


    May 18, 2008
    As long as its not "holy crap, why is that so hot!" its fine. Mine gets very warm when charging via usb.
  3. MythicFrost macrumors 68040


    Mar 11, 2009
    It means your iPod is getting a warm fuzzy feeling in his tummy :cool:

    Mine gets the furnace feeling, I think it increases with age lol

    Kind Regards
  4. Lukeyboy01 macrumors regular


    May 15, 2009
    Birmingham, UK
    it is normal the ipod touch has no fan it conducts its heat through the chrome back
  5. Dino451 thread starter macrumors 6502

    Sep 12, 2006
    I understand that it would get warm, the thing is it started recently. I have had another 2G touch and it did not get that warm in that spot.

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