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May 31, 2007
Florida, USA
I've acquired an older 32GB iPod Touch 3rd generation (iPod3,1 iOS 5.1.1) to use for music in my car. It's a dedicated device, and will stay in the car, plugged into the USB port so the car's audio system can interface with it. It works well; I can pick songs from the car's UI and play what I want.

Also, I can use WiFi, which reaches out to my driveway, to sync new songs onto it from my desk. Awesome!

My question, though, is... Will the iPod eventually fail because of the heat of the sun on it? Battery life isn't a concern as it has power all the time, even when the car is off. It's going to be there in the heat every day, though, so I wonder. The unit was extremely cheap so it won't be a huge loss if it dies; I just want to know how likely it is.

It's in a well shaded compartment in the car, but... I live in Miami. Hoboy.


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Apr 3, 2010
Heart of the midwest
Well, it will probably take a toll on the battery itself from the heat over time though it's already 6 years old. But I don't think it will straight up kill it.

I've got an iPod classic in my truck 100% of the time and an iPod video and iPod touch before that and all still work just fine. Though I do make it a point to get them out of the sun when I park. My friend also has a 3rd gen touch that has been in his truck since 2009. No issues there either. As long as it's out of the sun it should be alright.

However Apples guidelines and operating temperatures state not to keep it in a car since it's storage temperature is 113ºF. So just be aware of that. Cars can get way over that limit pretty quick out in the sun (talking up to 140º)

I live in Kansas so it gets hot, easily over 100 all week and my devices have survived. But YMMV :)


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May 1, 2011
SF Bay Area
The iPod will shutdown if it overheats and it won't come back until it cools considerably.
I kept a 4th gen in my car for a year or so and if it was a hot day I'd have to wait a good 15-30 minutes after getting in the car before I could use it.


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Jun 21, 2009
Central, Louisiana
Yeah, living in Louisiana there is no way I would leave one of these in my car. Today we have a temp of 105 outside with a heat index of 112. Just think how hot it is in a car sitting outside with the windows rolled up, especially if sitting in direct sunlight. I've always been paranoid the darn thing would explode. Probably won't, but I am not taking any chances.
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