ipod touch 4g cases griffin reveal vs switcheasy colors HELP!

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by c4llum, Jan 24, 2012.

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    Jan 24, 2012
    So i just brought a white ipod touch 4g that should arrive tommorow and the last ipod i had got absolutely scratched to hell so i want to get a case for it. I have narrowed it down to the switcheasy colors and the griffin reveal but which one should i get? I did have a silicone case on my last ipod touch but ended up taking it off as it was a complete dust magnet. Every time i pulled it out of my pocket every square inch of it was covered in dust:eek: is the switcheasy colors like this? i don't mind cleaning dust off every now and then as long as it is not to bad. I also heard that the griffin reveal can scratch the ipod. Is that true:confused: i am also open to recommendations. Thanks in advance, Callum.

    P.S i will also be putting a screen protector on.


    494 views and not a single reply? come on guys i need help with this
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    I have a Griffin Reveal for my iPhone 4 and it's been great. It looks like the Switcheasy Color you mention is all silicone - In my experience I would say an all-rubber or all-silicone case will attract more dust in a pocket (through friction) than an all (or mostly) plastic/polycarbonate one will, so if that's an issue for you already, I'd say go for the Reveal over the Color, or even consider a case without any silicone or rubber exposed.
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    Most of them were probably unregistered or didn't have an opinion.

    The Colors will probably attract dust, and you can add a full body protector with the Reveal.

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