Ipod touch 4gen bleeding screen. normal? 3 in a row..... check yours!

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by BaBayOOsa, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. BaBayOOsa macrumors member

    Nov 4, 2010
    hi i bought a Ipod touch 4gen 1 week ago and noticed right next to the volume rockers the seal was bleeding a little bit of light from my screen.... is this normal? now the bleeding could only really be seen in a dark environment i.e at night.

    so i returned it and got another yesterday and now on the right side it was bleeding about half way down on the left side seal. so i returned that one and decided to give it one more shot. today i just got my 3rd and i see again on the left side right next to the volume rockers the screen was bleeding light.

    is this natural? for the side next to the volume rockers to be bleeding a little light? or for any where to be bleeding a little for that matter?

    also i can only really notice the bleeding at night so i suggest anyone who owns a 4gen ipod touch to go and see if your's is bleeding. because i've had 3 in a row now......

    but is is normal for it to give out a little light next to the volume rockers?
  2. cmvsm macrumors 6502a


    Nov 12, 2004
    For what its worth, I have no light leakage anywhere on my iPod Touch 4G...in the light, dark, very dark, etc.

    However, I consider mine an anomaly, as LCD's have inherent light leakage on just about any device that uses them. Besides, if someone is happy with their device, why would someone tear it apart looking for a flaw? If you want to find something, I'm sure you could....its an electronic device after all.
  3. BaBayOOsa thread starter macrumors member

    Nov 4, 2010
    im just saying that ive had 3 with this problem. and asking if that its just something thats expected of the 4g....
  4. BaBayOOsa thread starter macrumors member

    Nov 4, 2010

    please help me i want to know if its worth going back to the apple store tomorrow and trying to return this one!
  5. essinger macrumors member

    Feb 15, 2008
  6. FubsyGamr macrumors regular

    Sep 20, 2010
    So, there are a two things I would do in your position:

    1- Use the search feature: I would type in 'light leakage' into the search feature on these forums, and also in Google, to find some answers

    2- As to whether or not you should return it, that is up to you. My iPad has a bit of light leakage, but it is not enough to concern me, and I am totally happy with the product, as the light leakage does not affect the way in which my iPad functions. However, if it is absolutely driving you crazy, and you must have it replaced, then do it. It is going to be nearly impossible for one of us to tell you whether or not it is worth it to YOU to get it replaced. Search deep inside yourself.
  7. MsMerryMac macrumors regular

    Apr 4, 2010
    SOOOO many threads about this. Search "light leak." It seems to be extremely common. We have two in our home and both have it at the volume rocker. I don't mind because I have a case that covers it and didn't bother trying to exchange it because dozens of people here said that exchanged ones either had the same amount of light leak or worse. My husband is uber picky when it comes to his electronics and it didn't bother him...just slap it in a case and it won't matter.
  8. BaBayOOsa thread starter macrumors member

    Nov 4, 2010
    sorry about not using the search function :|

    my main concern was can this damage it in any way?
  9. FubsyGamr macrumors regular

    Sep 20, 2010
    I'm not trying to be a jerk, but you say that you are sorry for not using the search function, then follow that up by asking a question that could have been searched...

  10. alust2013 macrumors 601


    Feb 6, 2010
    On the fence
    It will not at all damage it. If it isn't too bothersome, I'd just keep it. The design of them would make it more likely for light leaks, which some people are very persnickety about. Personally I'm not, although I haven't noticed any leaks with mine. I'd recommend a hard case though. Very easy to shatter the screen without one.

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