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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by hfmutlu, Jan 3, 2013.

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    Hi! When my winter break started, I plugged my iPod touch into charge before I went on my one week vacation. When I left, I forgot to unplug my iPod meaning that it was plugged in for 6 days. When I returned, I noticed the battery drained much quicker than before. By not using it, it went from 100% to 52% in approx 20 hours. Before, it wouldve lost about 10%. My question is... did my battery get damaged? From what I know, the battery stops charging and acts as if it is not plugged in to prevent battery damage.

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    Well, it certianly seems like it’s been damaged. Although I wouldn’t have thought leaving it plugged in for six days would affect it THAT badly. I’m sure I’ve left my MacBook Pro plugged it for that long, and it still has a decent battery life. Maybe you should try stretching it for a few cycles, by running it right down to zero, then back up to 100, then back down to zero... Etc. That may serve to calibrate it somewhat.
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    maybe your device is calibrating battery all over again. Like when you first got it, battery seems to drain pretty quick right? should be just fine after feel more "normal" charges.
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    Thanks to all that replied! I hadnt thought that the calibration could have gotten messed up, but that probably is it.

    Thanks once again!

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