iPod touch 4th gen - digitizer issues - out of warranty - advice welcomed

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by mck10, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. mck10 macrumors newbie

    Jun 24, 2013
    Howdy folks,

    Just curious to hear anyone's input on my conundrum. I've had my iPod touch 4th gen for about 2 years. A couple months ago, I busted the screen by dropping it and having it bounce off the corner of my coffee table. I got the screen replaced and thought it was fine, but then like a month later the digitizer started acting up. Like every other time I woke my iPod, the screen acted like the bottom corner was being pressed and held down. I wouldn't be able to slide to unlock it, or if I could, whatever was onscreen would respond as if I were pressing and holding down.

    I got the screen/digitizer replaced again, thinking it was just a bad part... but now in the last week or so it's started happening again. The chances of getting two bad screens/digitizers in a row from this local reputable Apple repair guy are slim. He seems to think there's a deeper hardware issue, like a motherboard short or something else screwing with the current to the digitizer. It's super-frustrating because half the time the thing is totally functional, but other times the problem is so bad the iPod is unusable.

    Soooo, seeing as it's out of warranty, I'm stuck with a semi-functional iPod and trying to decide what to do. I might take it to the Apple Store to see what they'll tell me, but my guess is there's not much they can do, or the necessary repairs would be pretty expensive. I could sell the thing for parts on eBay and possibly get 50 or 100 bucks, or maybe try Amazon's trade-in service, etc.

    If I do unload the thing, is it worth buying a 5th gen? Anyone have any clue whether a newer 6th gen is coming in the near future? Anyone have any hot tips on where to get a 5th gen in good condition for less than like 225 bucks?

    Thanks for any and all advice and ideas.
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    Aug 6, 2012
    Apple will 'fix' (replace) it, but for a high price. For that amount it's pointless doing a repair, and so I'd recommend buying another iPod touch.

    You can either buy a pre-owned 4th Gen, or buy a 5th Gen which is probably more worth while seeing as the 4th Gen will stop getting software updates in September. Either way, it's gonna be expensive.

    If you are buying a new iPod, don't forget to do a backup on it. That way you can pretty much continue where you left off on your previous iPod.

    EDIT: My guess is there will be a 6th Gen in September/October, priced at the current 5th Gen prices. You could wait it out until then to buy a 6th Gen, or wait to get the 5th Gen cheap.

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