iPod Touch 4th Generation Charging Issue

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by ScotchRobbins, Nov 23, 2014.

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    Nov 23, 2014
    Hello. I've been having some trouble with my iPod as of late. The device does not recognize that it is plugged in regardless of where, be it an iHome device, a USB plug directed to a computer, or a wall plug. It does accumulate charge while plugged in, albeit slowly. The battery icon that usually indicates charging does not show up. If I plug the device into a computer, the device does not attempt to connect to iTunes, and the computer does not identify any sort of device connected to it (on Windows, by the way, but that probably holds no relevance to the situation). I am certain it is not the cable, because it still transmits charge.

    The device functions fine otherwise, although I suspect there is some slight battery memory development. Nothing too significant though.

    I've already stopped by a Genius bar once. The attendant told me that he had cleaned the charging port and reset it and that it had started charging. It has stopped working since. I've attempted several resets, both via holding the home and power buttons and through the settings on the device, but it still won't recognize that it's plugged in under any circumstances.

    What would you recommend doing next? I'm already backed up to iCloud, and it doesn't look like backing it up to my PC is going to be an option, as I haven't set it to sync over WiFi. Do you have any personal tips? Should I give the Genius Bar another go? Should I just buy a new one entirely?
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    Oct 27, 2012
    I go and buy a refurnished 5th generation from the Apple online website shown below: http://store.apple.com/us/browse/home/specialdeals/ipod
  3. rigormortis, Nov 23, 2014
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    dock cables are so cheap , especially the generic ones, that it is pretty easy to rule out. i saw them at cvs for $5. you should be happy you don't have to spend more on a lightning cable

    once u rule out the computer try a another usb power supply. your usb could be blown and not providing the necessary charging current. my iPad charger blew once and only started to put out half the current it was rated for

    i have not personally checked into this. (i forgot when i last checked iPods) but it is possible the iPod requires more then 500v @ 500 ma to charge with its screen on. your computer could simply not be powerful enough to charge an iPod. especially if you are using a usb hub

    if you are using a mac made sometime after 2009 i would guess. , then it should be spitting out the correct current. if its a like a intel 2006 mini then it lacks the high power usb port and can't charge apple iOS devices

    you can rule that out by attempting to charge it with the iPod turned off

    in order to charge various devices over usb with the screen on it requires the following currents

    iphone 5 or earlier = 5 v @ 1000 ma
    ipad mini / ipad / iphone 6 = 5 v @ 2100 ma

    some people told me that the apple charger only charges an iPad mini with its screen off. its been a while
    i might be wrong and the iPad mini might only need 1000ma, but it will definitely ask or 2100ma

    usb 2 is only rated for 5 v @ 500 ma or maybe 700 ma and usb 3 is only rated for 5 v @ 900 ma. anything extra apple gives you is apple's gift to you, the owner of the iOS device.

    when the iPad and iPhones were first made, apple knew it required up to 5 v @ 2100 ma to charge these iOS devices with its screen on. and steve jobs made the mac design teams specifically design their computers to be able to charge an iPhone / iPad with its screen on. but a lot of people forget this, and they plug in their iOS device into their windows pc, and do not understand why their gadgets aren't charging. or they go around
    and tell people you can charge an iPhone faster with an iPad charger, and they announce it is like something brand new, that no one has discovered before!!!!

    or they go around and tell people that if you use an iPad charger on an iPhone it will reduce the life of the iPhone's battery. i mean come on. macs will give these iPhones almost the same current as the iPad charger will and theres no way to disable that feature. the device looks , and sees you have a mac, and asks the mac please give me all the extra operating current you have, and the mac says OK!

    if that was harming the device. you think apple would do something about it. i mean come on its apple we are talking about. they specifically put into OS X a feature that limits the volume of iTunes and almost anything
    that plays sound, to save your speakers so you won't turn them up all the way, and turn in warranty claims.
    why would they do that, but continue to give an iPhone 2100 ma??

    if it needs repair, then do what the other person said and buy a new or refurbished iPod 5th gen

    apple is known to bend the rules since u already went in once, if you go in a second time they might feel sorry for you and replace your gadget entirely for no cost. but they only seem to do this on current devices. tell them you backed it up fully to iTunes.

    lithium ion batteries have no "memory". the genius should of checked the health of the iPod by using IOS diagnostics. once your lithium ion battery reaches 0 %, the lithium ions freeze and will no longer charge at all and the battery pack dies. because of this, companies that use lithium batteries lie, and usually have a little bit of reserve left when the battery says its empty
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    Jun 11, 2009
    bill me later has a deal for 6 months no interest and no payments for anything bought at the apple store. but whatever you buy has to be mail order and cannot be picked up at the store.

    i believe you need to buy at least $250 to qualify

    something to think about. also there will be plenty of black Friday deals on iPod touches.

    target is 32 gig for $250 i think and walmart is throwing in a gift card with any iPod. target does not sell 64 gigs'

    the important thing is you backed up your iPod.

    good luck and write back
  5. rigormortis, Nov 24, 2014
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    Jun 11, 2009
    if anyone would like to challenge my post about iPad, iPod and iPhone charging currents please do the following..

    connect your iOS device to your mac.
    the iOS device should be on. and its screen should be on
    it should say "charging"

    click on the apple in the upper left hand corner
    click on about this mac
    click on system report
    under hardware , click on usb
    you will see your iOS device under usb high speed bus
    click on the iOS device.

    you will see the following information
    this is what an iPhone 6 plus says
    Current Available : 500 ma < -- standard usb power
    Current Required : 500 ma <-- standard usb power
    Extra Operating Current : 1600 ma <--- the amount of power needed to charge the iPhone 6+ and iPads and how much is being delivered to that device to charge it.

    iPhone 5 will report 500 ma on extra operating current.

    please post iPod 4th and 5th and 5c and 5s phones for my collection hah
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    Nov 23, 2014
    Thank you both for the replies. I'm going to stop by the Genius Bar again to see what they recommend, but I might just end up buying a new iPod.
  7. rigormortis, Nov 24, 2014
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    Jun 11, 2009
    your welcome.

    all i can say is keep it plugged into a different usb charger plus a different usb dock cable and let it charge for 12-24 hours. if it won't turn on then you know its gone.

    a lot of people forget that iOS devices charge over usb using non standard usb current. if you use a windows computer and it only puts out 500 ma @ 5v or you use a usb hub, its perfectly normal for your charging to slow down to a crawl and die so thats why i posted all the stuff i did

    here is a page for repair rates!!!


    it says $79 for a battery or $199 to replace the entire unit (64 gig) or $99 if its smaller!

    i like harry's suggestion of buying a new or refurbished 5th gen. a lot of apps don't get updated anymore because they all require iOS 7. the 4th gen only has 256mb of ram. the 5th gen has iOS 7 / iOS 8 and 512 mb of ram and siri.

    the other thing to do is you can pay the $99 repair cost (for 16 and 32gb iPod touch) , hold out for the 6th gen if it ever comes out.. and sell your 4th gen on eBay for like $120 or so?? maybe more if its 64 gb

    my friend sam says go on eBay and skip the iPod all together, and get an iPhone instead. like a used iPhone 5.
    a used iPhone 5 is maybe the same price more or less then a new iPod touch 5th. and you get :
    1 gig of ram
    a real gps
    8 megapixel camera vs a 5 megapixel camera for the touch
    a mute / silence switch
    a6 chip vs the a5 in the iPod touch

    you don't need cell phone service. all you need is a virgin or deactivated sim card. try and get an iPhone that is unlocked. it does not matter which carrier the iPhone 5 is on. just don't get a sprint one.

    you can keep the cellular radio in airplane mode to save batteries, but keep wifi and bluetooth on

    verizon is unlocked

    try and get an AT&T one if some day you see yourself using AT&T in the near future. try and get a verizon one
    if you see yourself using verizon in the near future. the iPhone 5 used older lte radios , even though verizon
    will work on other carriers. your speed will be slower, same for att

    the worse case scenario of the sim card is you might have to spend $6 to $15 for a sim card. if the iPhone is unlocked you can probably get h20 or cricket sims or various sims from amazon.com for 1 cent

    the sim card does not need a telephone number. it just needs to match the network that the iPhone works on
    buy it from a reputable website like swappa.com swappa checks the imei / serial numbers of the phone to make sure they are not blacklisted. and if the phone does not exactly match the description, the seller has to give you a refund.

    make the seller give you high resolution pictures of the front back and sides of the iPhone 5 to make sure they don't have a lot of scratches and dents and stuff. people on swappa and ebay really want pristine iPhones
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    Jun 27, 2010
    As someone who just bought a used iPhone on eBay I highly recommend this, it is superior in every way. The batteries on iPhones can also be changed easily by a local shop while the touch 4 and touch 5 are glued together and most places won't attempt a battery replacement on them so you will have to pay Apple $79 for battery replacement on an outdated device. I was doing barely 2-3 hours of battery life on a touch 5th gen before it hit the red now I am doing 6-7 hours on an iPhone 5c!! That is triple the battery life of the touch at least for me.

    You can also get iPhone sims for $3 on eBay, but a lot of iPhones like mine came with a SIM card, so ask the seller first. I recommend getting an iPhone from a GSM carrier as it's easier to find a sim for them.
  9. Jonathon71 Suspended

    Nov 23, 2014

    I got no issue with connecting my iPod Touch with my computer but the problem is my iPod Touch can't hold it's charge. When I use the Facetime, the battery says "low" right after 25 minutes. I can't play any games for more than 40 minutes.

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