iPod touch iPod Touch 5G vs. iPhone 4?


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Mar 14, 2013
Hello, if anyone would like to give any opinions or some insight on this topic, I'd appreciate it. :) I've got a choice between an iPod Touch 5G and an iPhone 4. Currently I've got an android phone on Virgin Mobile. My phone's a bit wonky here and there, though it still does the job a phone should. But there are a lot of iTunes-only games that I'd actually like to play, which kind of made me want to try out an iPhone, but the 4 is the best I can do at the moment.
I'm really most interested in the games, which makes me think maybe I should just get the 5G, as it's a bit cheaper and I like the way it looks, but I don't know, is it better than an iPhone 4 would be?
I've got a few pros and cons.
Pros- more space, looks nice, I guess it'll run games faster, cheaper
Cons- I'll be carrying an additional device around along with my phone, basically all the fun without the phone/texting part
Pros- games+phone convenience
Cons- Slower, less space, more $

But I don't really know much about Apple products, so I can't really make a decision based off of just these.
And then there's also the 'maybe I should just get a different Android' option.
But I'd like some opinions on this, please. :)


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Oct 22, 2012
I, too, used to have this kind of dilemma between the 2 devices.

I went with Iphone 4 but only because i already owned an Ipad 2 so games will be not be a major part of what i do with this phone. I bought it mainly because of the looks, materials and a lot better camera compare to my old phone. Social networks facebook and light gaming when im on a train.

Touch 5 might be a better choice for you if you already hold a decent Androids. Its fairly light so you can probably bring it everywhere, 32GB is plenty for games and photoes. I used to have touch + bb combo but i sold the touch once i bought an Ipad.

I dont think you should get an expensive androids. Gaming experience can never be compared. Iphone 4 at 512 mb ram can perform whole lot better at gaming than android dual core 1gb ram with better graphic chip on da same game. Trust me, if you really want game, get a Touch.


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Jun 8, 2011
Keep your current phone and get the iPod touch 5G. The iPhone 4 is starting to run sluggish on the latest version of iOS and the latest apps in its old age, whereas the touch 5G is still very snappy on just about everything you can throw at it. Never mind the bigger screen. :p If the phone you have now does what you need it to do, don't replace it with a phone that has also seen better days!


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Mar 19, 2012
Thing about more powerful android phones being worse than a much weaker iPhone 4 is not true at all. That being said. I still recommend you get the iPod


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Oct 23, 2011
Miami, FL
Get the iPod ! Games will run a lot better than on the iPhone 4.

In fact, I think newest games are dropping support for old devices, such as the i4.


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Feb 4, 2011
Touch 5G...this shouldn't even be a comparison. I mean, the iPhone 4 is really old now, it's not even dual-core. The screen is larger on the Touch and it's much faster. If you can get a 4S, go for that, but against the 4 the touch wins.
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