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    So during Christmas I got the new iPod touch 4G and I jailbroke it. Everything was going fine, but whenever my iPod died it was a hassle to get it up and running again. I would usually just recover then go back to enjoying it as I usually do. Recently it died and i can't seem to get it working again, I've tried turning it on in recovery mode and DFU. It is stuck on the apple logo and every 10-15 minutes it turns white for a second, then goes black, followed by the apple logo. When I hold the power button it shows a very low battery and it tells me to plug it into the computer. Whenever I plug it in the computer it shows that it starts to charge. After hours of charging the iPod's battery doesn't seem to move at all. It also dies and returns to the apple logo.

    Thanks in advanced

    Edit: I have also tried draining the battery and charging it again.
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    I have been having this problem too, it has been very frustrating for me.
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    this is because you are booting in Tethered Mode which when the ipod dies and you try to reboot, its a hassle

    what firmware are you on???

    If you are on 4.3 and 4.3.1 sorry but you are pretty stuck right now...

    but if you are on 4.2.1 try rejailbreaking again from a clean firmware and that should do it.

    Recommended jailbreak programs


    Guide for Windows+Download link

    Guide for Mac+Download link

    BTW if you are dont want to downgrade or start over... you need iBooty which comes with Sn0wBreeze. iBooty would boot your device in tethered mode...
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