iPod Touch as an iPhone?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by White Dragon, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. White Dragon macrumors newbie

    Apr 23, 2010
    I am sure that this is come up here, but I am just wondering is (or has) here used an iPod Touch along with Google Voice (or some other VoIP system) to use an iPod Touch as an iPhone?

    I'll be honest here, it's not that I can't afford an iPhone, I just think that my money can be better spent on other things. A $40 month voice plan along with a $30 data plan is $70 a month; and that's not even counting texting or fees and taxes. Plus, if you multiply $70 times 24 (for a two year contract) that equals $1,680, plus the taxes, the fees, and the texts. I just can't see the justification for spending that much money on one phone.

    Then a buddy of mine sent me this CNN article and I was VERY intrigued to say the least.

    I have a Google Voice number, and I just found out that I can port (transfer) over my current cell number to Google for a one time fee of $20 (not bad deal at all BTW), that why I won't loss it. Nor will I have to give all of my friends my new number.

    I have wifi at home and at my work, so I would only need a MiFi when i am out and about. I live in a pretty build up area, so going with Sprint shouldn't be a problem (hopefully). I like the Virgin Mobile plan because it's unlimited data and it's contract free.

    So is anyone here using an iPod Touch along with Google Voice to get most of the features of an iPhone at a fraction of a cost? If so, what's your take on it.

    The only issue I've found is the battery life on the MiFI is only 2 to 4 hours on the standard battery. They do make extended batteries with 3x time power, which would give me 6 to 12 hours, which is more than enough for me.

    P.S. With Google Voice, if the app isn't open, will I still get an indication that I am receiving a call?
  2. vistadude macrumors 65816

    Jan 3, 2010
    Google voice only forwards your calls, it doesn't act as a phone. So you still need a phone for it to work. So figure that you still need a mifi and cell phone service, that'll run you close to $70 anyways, so you might as well get the iphone.

    To save money, you could port your number to google and then buy a pay as you go phone for receiving calls. To make calls, if you have wifi, you could download the talkatone app to make free VOIP calls over gmail. The quality isn't great, but it's free until the end of 2011.
  3. Aqua Bliss macrumors 6502

    Dec 6, 2010
    Google Voice *will* act as a phone on your iPod Touch if you use Talkatone app (free d/l). Using Talkatone you log into your Google Voice account and can make calls directly from the ipod. You can talk through the mic and listen through the speaker.

    The only killer is that you can't receive incoming calls with Google Voice directly to your iPod Touch.

    You might want to look at the Apple Peel (www.peel520.net). They are coming out with a 2nd Gen Peel 520 that has a casing that looks like iPhone4. Check the line on the site that reads:
    15-01-11 News: Apple Peel 520 2nd Generation Hands On (Video!)
    No idea how good this will be but just throwing it out there.

    If you want to see videos of the existing Peel 520 (current gen) just search Peel 520 on YouTube.

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