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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by 101X, Aug 9, 2009.

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    Aug 3, 2009

    With the rumosphere buzzing once again about Apple's much rumored tablet, and some analysts chatting like excited school girls, it's time for MacPredictions to gear up the SVU (special visuals unit) and crank out another mockup.

    The tablet is a bit of a riddle. Why would Apple release one? They sat out on the whole pen-based computing thing, with Jobs pouring scorn on Gate's pet project (the Tablet PC). On that occasion, Apple's instincts proved correct. So what has changed now?

    Earlier this year, most speculation focused on the idea of a touch-screen device as Apple's answer to the growing netbook category. The problem with this picture is that netbooks are cheap to manufacture, whereas Tablet PCs are quite the opposite. Something didn't add up.

    Add to this the strange idea that Apple may be prepping Snow Leopard as a touch-based OS (based upon rather far-fected speculation about supposed touch-friendly features such as Dock Exposé). This blog has never subscribed to the idea of a touched based version of Mac OS X. It would just be too confusing for developers (both within Apple, and 3rd parties). Apple has just one touch-based platform - the iPhone OS, and that's plenty enough.

    Fast forward a few months, and reflect upon the awesome success of iPod touch combined with games on the app store, and things become a little clearer. All that Apple needs to do is introduced resolution-independence to the iPhone OS (which will surely have to come at some point anyway), and they can then launch a true PSP/DS killer in the form of an iPod touch HD - a big brother to the regular iPod touch.

    It would be compatible with all existing iPhone games, plus a whole slew of new HD games. It could also play HD movies - and completely undermine Microsoft's upcoming Zune HD in the process.

    Suddenly the idea of a tablet from Apple starts to make more sense.
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    Dec 26, 2008
    Fail. And only one question mark was necessary in your thread title.
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    Your idea about making 2 diffrent OS, (one for the iphone, and one for the ipod touch) sounds a lil bit too hard. Why would apple do that? it's just a waste of money! The ipod touch was an idea created after the creation of the iphone! When the 1st generation ipod touch was made, it ran on the same OS as the iphone and hardly did anybody complain. The ipod touch is the like the small brother of the iphone. Even if you create a diffrent OS for both devices, what's going to be the big diffrence? (hardly anything, even if the ipod touch was given a HD OLED screen.)
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    Mar 15, 2008
    What makes the most sense to me is a 9" to 10" Touch Tablet that simply runs the iPod Touch OS. Same apps, same games, same media. 3/8" thin. Rubberized back so it won't slide off your lap. Maybe a 3G networking connection (with a monthlyfee) option for ubiquitous Network access. All apps automatically scale to fit the larger screen. In a year we'll see apps made to take advantage of the larger resolution, as the SDK will be updated to allow creating them once the tablet comes out.

    Just a theory.

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