Ipod Touch/Ipad/Macbook Pro? Student Dilemma

Discussion in 'iPad' started by fisker123, Dec 16, 2011.

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    Dec 16, 2011
    Basically my 2nd gen touch (Which i've for nearly 3 years exactly) has absolutely had it, and is in dire need of a replacement, plus my library has grown considerably in size since then, amazon have got the latest 32gb touch for £210 ($265 give or take), and im very tempted to invest, recently however, i've become interested getting an ipad 2 32b refurbished, which is double the price, However, for the second year of my course (currently a first year studying auto design), im going to need a macbook, as we'll be using a lot of design software (my current laptop can barely run PS elements), and although i have a part time job, im not exactly made of money. basically what im asking is, do i need all three, or can i just get away with an ipad? or should i even wait for the ipad 3?

    Bear in mind that:
    .I use my touch for listening to music, almost every day
    .I only use my latop for web browsing, checking email, downloading PDF's from tutors, and typing up some word documents
    .Im also going to be traveling alot more in the new year, so i'll be on the go quite alot, also watching tv shows and movies and apps will be a big factor.

    I hope to use your feedback to help me consider buying one, as i've been to my local premium reseller, and tried to get a sales assistants opinion, but all he did was shrug his shoulders and said i should just get all three (not helpful).
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    Night Spring

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    Uh... you're contradicting yourself there, which is it?

    If you are looking for a device that you can use for your second-year course work, then you definitely need a MacBook. If you just want a device for your current laptop usage, then an iPad *might* work -- depends on how comfortable you feel typing with the on-screen keyboard. You could get a bluetooth keyboard for the iPad, but that would increase cost plus be more stuff to carry around. Also, you say you listen to music on your Touch all day. Keep in mind the iPad doesn't fit in your pocket, so it can get awkward carrying it around in certain situations.

    Basically I tend to agree with the sales assistant, in that all three devices serve different purposes. So if you can't afford all three, then you just have to pick which of the different functions are most important to you, and go with the device that performs that function.
  3. fisker123, Dec 16, 2011
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    Dec 16, 2011
    i dont use PS elements for that reason, so i just use the imacs that are available to all the design students in one of the studios im studying in, especially as they have CS5 installed, sorry i wasn't more clear.
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    Once you get closer to your second year, when you'll need a new computer to run design software and whatnot, buy a new MacBook. No need to buy it now if you don't need it now; you might be able to get more power for the same price later. And neither iPod nor iPad can substitue for a real computer when you have real computer work that needs doing.

    An iPad is not a good replacement for an iPod unless it happens that you don't really take that iPod anywhere. Then it's an awesome upgrade. I use my iPad to listen to music all day myself, but I also happen to sit at a desk all day. The fact that it doesn't fit in my pocket doesn't cause me a problem.

    What phone do you have? You could always "upgrade" your iPod by getting an iPhone 4S. It'll do everything you needed your touch for and be your phone. Maybe that could help justify the purchase.
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    Dec 16, 2011
    i've got a samsung galaxy mini, its not the worst, and the deal i got was very affordable, the only problem with that is that although i get a 1GB of data per month included, i do burn though it and go over, but its a 24 month contract, so trying to justify to my parents why im breaking my contract would be hard, as the so called 'affordable deals offered by the service carriers for iphone in the UK are pretty lousy, so that wouldn't swing it for me.
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    May 3, 2011
    macbook pro 13 inch (or an 11" mba) would be the best one for your needs. It can do everything you are wanting, including the music. However, if you need to listen to stuff on the go, perhaps anipod would be a good deal (assuming a nano or othe mp3 option won't cut it). So, that is two. the ipad is an option, but i don't see you needing it much, given your usage.

    i do most of my stuff (work and play) on the ipad, so why am i not recommending it? well, it really does best with a computer at some point. transferring files downloaded to the ipad, for instance, cannot be done directly to an external storage device. you have to go through itunes with a computer. i can go days or weeks without turning on my mbp, but not forever. in other words, it is a supplement to a computer, but not a replacement.

    if you are willing to be flexible and creative, though, the ipad alone could work. in my case, if i was willing to do more of my computer work at the university i could do just about everything i need to do with ipad + bluetooth keyboard + incase origami workstation. i could put files into dropbox and then use the university's computers to print, move files to an external drive, etc. at some point, though, depending on your work, it is just easier to have a computer of your own.
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    Dec 16, 2011
    these suggestions are helping, i have thought about it again

    Do i need a new ipod touch? yes
    Will i need a macbook in the near future? yes
    do i need an ipad? no

    it makes sense for me not to get something that i don't need.

    that dosent stop me from wanting one, but it stops me from spending money on something that in reality will never be a necessity for me, i'll probably pick one up in the future though (save some money incase i decide to get an ipad 3, seems like the best case scenario)

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