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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by HelixOmnimedia, Sep 6, 2007.

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    I'm seriously thinking about the iPod touch, just need to way the decision about the amount of music and videos I have against the products space capacity.
    But that's not what I was posting about...

    I have a few questions about the way and how you browse the video media on the iPod touch (people will know for the iPhone).

    1) Are Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos all displayed in one list type structure, or can you select the 'area' you're wanting much like in iTunes?

    2) If you have a "full" TV series (space dependent)... how is it displayed? Every single episode listed in order, or is it like music? You get the artwork you touch it and it spins to reveal the list of episodes within that show?

    3) Can you browse through your videos in coverflow... just like music (would have thought yes for this as videos have to be played in landscape, so why not browse in landscape coverflow:confused:).
    eg... If there were sections (movies, tv, ect) all your movie posters will be displayed - touch the movie and it will start. Then the same with TV Shows, the Series CoverArts are displayed... touch the show you want, it flips to reveal the episodes and touch again to play.

    Does that make sense? That's how I want to browse (ie TOUCH) my media.

    If it doesn't do this, am I the only one who would like it to be like that? How would/could Apple do this, if there are people wanting to really touch their media?

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