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  1. Dark Dragon, Jun 25, 2012
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    hey, i really need help, i have an iPod touch 4G 5.1.1, jailbroken using absinthe from greenpois0n, i'm on Linux PC, after queuing 2 things in cydia, i remember just 1 thing which was protapper blue from xSellize Repository, and i don't remember the second queued tweak, and i remember that i didn't want xSellize because its not an official Repo, but that i installed it so that i can install protapper blue, and then after it is installed, that i will remove the xSellize Repo, but things went unexpected, when everything finished downloading and installing,etc..., a Loading small pop-up popped up, but it took a looong time, so i have quit cydia, and rebooted, but then, i got stuck on that apple logo, also, i have a bootlogo which is working well, and its still working even after this problem is happening, i have open-ssh installed on my iPod touch but i don't think that would be helpful in that case, remember, my computer is a Linux Ubuntu, so i cant install iTunes, or such things, and please don't put the "restore" option in the first place, if nothing ever works, i will try to find someone that has windows so that he/she can restore it for me, i appreciate every help

    Thanks in Advance

    Dark Dragon
  2. Dark Dragon, Jun 25, 2012
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    Im sooooooo sorry for bumping, i just read the rules :S
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    Do a full restore of your iPod back to factory settings. No jailbreak. If it works, then something was corrupted during your jailbreaking process. You'll have to use a Mac or a Windows PC with iTunes to restore your iPod.

    If you don't have easy access to either type of computer, install VirtualBox on your Linux PC and install Windows. Sorry, but that's the only way you can do it.
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    Happens to me sometimes, hold the power button and home screen, if that does nothing, do a full restore.
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    Thanks for replying... but...!

    But i said that i don't want to restore, if nothing EVER works, i will find Someone to restore it for me... and i have virtual box a looong time ago, and didnt ever manage to install windows on it :S, i have expected some more appreciated answers, but thank you for trying :D:)

    This is Called a Hard Reset, in the case of stuck on the apple logo, i would use it for recovery mode, or DFU:D. and, i said that i don't want the restore option to be at the first place :(, i want to restore if nothing ever works, and its not the home screen, its the home button :S, thanks, i appreciate you trying :rolleyes:
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    Never Mind Guys!!!, i have searched the problem and found a post where IT SAYS TO HOLD THE VOLUME+ BUTTON WHILE THE IPOD IS TURNING ON(after turning it off, then whilst it is turning on) and i got to the safe mode, and REMOVED THE BUGGED TWEAKS!!!, i think i would always use this :), currently after respringing(after editing and updating tweaks) it got me to safe mode again, but now rebooting :), thanks again for trying to help, guys.
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