Ipod Touch vs Nano, is it worth it?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by KyleHarrison, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. KyleHarrison macrumors newbie

    Jun 15, 2009

    So in Canada im with a cellphone provider that does not deal with the iPhone so i cant get that unless i terminate my 3yr contract prematurely.
    But i need to make a decision today over an iPod version.

    I once had an 8GB Nano Silver (current gen) but its been ruined since January due to an unfortunate accident with involving a city bus.

    So the basic question here is, since i havent been following what an iPod Touch can do besides being a very snazzy party tool for pouring fake beer into your mouth or letting it listen to music to find the artist and song title (which is cool), is it all really worth the extra $100 price jump? (im looking at an 8GB) Or should i really just invest in another Nano today instead?

    Thanks for any advice!
  2. .Andy macrumors 68030


    Jul 18, 2004
    The Mergui Archipelago
    The touch is pretty sweet if you're going to make use of the apps. Personally this is what makes the touch killer for me. I love it. There are far better apps on the store than the party apps you mention! The larger screen for media-playing is a nice step up too.

    But if you like the small size of the nano, like a bit extra storage space, and mainly listen to tunes the nano would serve you well :).
  3. KyleHarrison thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jun 15, 2009
    i took the liberty of checking out the apps store in iTunes and .. wow. Those look like what the doctor ordered.

    an iPod Touch combined with my Samsung Instinct seems like theyd compliment eachother very well in terms of functionality and fun.
    Instinct is a remarkable phone, a great camera, and a great SMS system, but pretty crappy otherwise in terms of Music Player, portable TV and Radio, photoalbum is harsh, and the browser is "lol" at best.
    Seems an iPod touch would grealy benefit here.

    I think my minds been made up.

    See.. peer pressure works haha.
  4. ghettochris macrumors 6502a

    Feb 19, 2008
    if you have wifi access often, ipod touch is a no brainer, it's like carrying a laptop with you vs a walkman. true, capacities is smaller, but being able to do mail, calendar, contacts, etc, not to mention full on safari browsing. other than offline games, for apps I use facebook, package tracker, weather channel, instant messenger, and astronomy programs that tell where the sun, moon, planets and stars are, and when the space station or other satelites are going to be visible in the sky.

    I have a touch and use it lots, i have my mobile me, hotmail, gmail, and yahoo mail on it and rarely do mail on my computer anymore, my house or anywhere i stay usually has wifi, and sometimes i'm listening to music walking down the block and i hear the mail sound, it picked up someone's random signal and got my mail. i sometimes stop and check weather radar, something in safari, etc. when this happens.

    It is so awesome though it makes me want an iphone, but since i have a $40 a month plan with verizon that can tether if needed i don't think that would be financially wise, but i want the camera and to only carry one device so that's what i'll probably end up with.

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