iPod Touch Won't turn on after screen replacement.

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by iG0tB00ts, May 6, 2012.

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    My iPod Touch 4G screen cracked while playing, and so we had to replace it. I bought a screen replacement, and decided to do the work on my on. So I fixed the new screen, as directed on a guide on iFix it. From then on, it would work fine, except once in a while a series of white lines would appear, completely covering the screen. You could see only about 20-30% of what was going on on the iPod, the rest was just white. This could be fixed by just tapping, or turning or shifting the screen a little. One fine day, the screen went permanently white, and no matter how much I wiggled or moved the display cable, it would not get back to normal.
    After a number of days, I decided to buy a new screen, and replace it. I re-did the procedure as before, and turned it on. The first time, the screen appeared VERY dim, barely visible, even though the brightness setting was at maximum. I thought this was a problem with the alignment of the display cable, and so without switching off the iPod I disconnected and reconnected the display cable. The iPod has not turned on since, and I know this because I have tried a hard reset, but it does not show up in iTunes. Also, I tried connecting it to a charger, but in vain. Could this be a Power button failure? Or Home button? Or something with the logic board?
    Please help, thank-you. :apple:
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    Try holding down both the home button and power button at the same time for 15 seconds. Then let go of the buttons and then press the power button. Kinda like forcing it to turn off and then turning it back on again. Good luck.
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    Any luck?

    I just experienced the exact same thing. I removed the ribbon that connects the lcd screen and then reapplied it while the ipod was on to find that the ipod wouldn't turn on, charge or even be recognized by the computer...

    Did the OP have any luck fixing his issue?? I'm interested in the prognosis for my Ipod touch 4g..

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