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Discussion in 'iPod' started by idunn, Oct 27, 2009.

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    Jan 12, 2008
    ;) Question: With the newest iPod Nano capable of shooting video, how does one transfer this video to one's computer?

    I've read several related threads on this, so know at least a few others have the same question, with none of the proposed solutions seeming to work. One would think such a thing would be self-evident, otherwise the camera on the iPod a novelty at best, however it seems anything but. With luck this thread will answer the question once and for all, definitively, with my apologies if it has been effectively answered elsewhere.

    Some of the suggestions have to been to upload video shot on the iPod via iPhoto, to transfer via the iPod icon, or use third party software. I can't imagine third party software is required, and these other two suggestions seemingly don't work. iPhoto does not recognize the iPod as a device, so no way to import anything from it; when connected the iPod only shows up as a device within iTunes, but iTunes seemingly with no provision to do anything but download media TO the iPod. The Finder does not recognize the iPod as a device, either.

    Please, has someone done this, and would you provide clear, step by step instructions on how to transfer video shot on an iPod Nano to a MacBook (or any other computer)?
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    Jan 12, 2008
    Instructions (that work)

    ;) Well, I finally figured this out, and able to transfer a video shot on an iPod Nano to a MacBook.

    Briefly, with the iPod connected to the computer one should click on the iPod logo under 'Devices' in iTunes, to bring up its window (if not opening automatically). Then select the 'Summary' tab, if not already open, and near the bottom of that page check one of the small boxes for 'Enable disk use.' Once that is done (and changes applied) iPhoto will recognize the iPod as a device and you can download video like you would any other camera.

    I learned this from an Apple user guide, which is available as a pdf download here:

    Within that guide select the chapter, 'Using the Video Camera,' then scroll down to the heading of: 'Importing Recorded Videos to Your Computer.' The explanation there is fairly straightforward, and perhaps easier to follow than mine.

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